The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


Sadly, enough to win an election in the US when the electoral college is put into play.

Having just come back from the states, its clear he is vastly unpopular among both liberal and conservative circles. Very few people on either side of the political spectrum I talked to think he’s competent, most GOP feel embarrassed at this point.


Supposedly he was one hell of a drinker. Could out-drink all his comrades. Not sure what would have happened to them if they’d beaten him.


Seems it worked reasonably well since 1787 or so. Do you know why it was established? You said , if I understand, that “enough” far right delusional people voted for Trump…just asking any idea of how many of the 63 million or so ? Calling them names seemed to work well for you last time…please carry on :joy:


Do you know why it was established?

Yes, to coddle slave holding southern states.

If popularity is the metric, Trump enjoys the lowest popularity ratings of any sitting president, and lost the US popular vote to the worst candidate the Dems ever ran.


maybe that post answers the question as to why they mistrust the education system :grin:


But he sometimes cheated, you know. They say he would have an aide slip him water while serving his Soviet sycophants vodka, then keep track of what was said by whom.

But before he was Uncle Joe, yeah, he evidently had a hollow leg.


Guess he was just popular enough on the day :thinking:


Eh, I suspect it’s not irony. It’s just in your head again.


Unfortunately for Americans yes.


All these salty tears almost 3 years later lol. Still complaining about the electoral college and federalism? Don’t see the same people complaining before and doubt they would complain if their candidate won.


Currently at 50% approval on rasmussen, which has proven to be one of the most reliable sources for this since they aggregate many results.

That’s better than the leaders of most current year countries, and better than #44’s second term.

<3 Russia


Do I detect that you were not happy that he won ? I am sure with AOC et al, you will win by a landslide in 2020 , so you can be happy again


I heard CBS reported that 76% of Americans approved of Trump’s SOTU speech, too. Which was terrific by any standard, by the way. Trump hit it way out of the park last Tuesday night.

I think there will always be Democrats who frown when America does well, like the Congress women in white at the SOTU. It’s just their nature to be anti-American, unfortunately.


538 has him at 40%.


Real clear politics 42%


Oh the same 42% as Obama 2nd term 2014 ? ( source Real clear Politics)


The trauma was intense. I know, I voted for Clinton. When I woke up the next morning I was just sick. But within a day or two I realized that Trump and Trump’s voters deserved their turn, they won fair and square, I began looking more objectively at both Trump and Clinton, and I realized that Trump’s success was the success of all Americans.

So I packed my reflexive dislike of Trump away and began wishing him the best. From there it was easy to see that nearly all Democrats and nearly all of their media outlets were not able to move on that way. It was going to be four years of salty tears and butthurt, and there was nothing anybody could do for them.

It’s a sad comment on Democrats, unfortunately.


I hope you’re right. I think Trump will be re elected actually.


A week is a long time in politics …anything can happen


538, which ranks CNN polls as an A- ? Wow, I’m going to keep their opinion polls averages under high consideration.

The way rasmussen does its polling is one of the most accurate, and it has been for years, even when Trump’s approval rating was very low before even stepping into office.