The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


Ok this is new. I’ve been following 538 for quite some time and I dare say it is as good as it gets. They use a lot of vague sentences but that’s statistics for you, nothing is 100 percent.
Do you have any reason to believe CNN’s polling is not good except you don’t like their news channel?


I disliked him and thought he would never win. Gave him a chance, and it was mostly dem showing their true colors after the election that put me off and hope for the best from trump. He has really impressed me. Keeping campaign promises and doesn’t hurt he makes me laugh watching him trash talk and out alpha even other global leaders.

Everyone laughed at him, I laughed at him. But shows you lions don’t lose sleep from opinions of sheep. Other global leaders try to down play him as a joke but watch how just gets into their head.


As things stand I will vote for Trump in 2020. It’s been a helluva ride, and while I voted for Clinton I have LOVED watching Trump simultaneously ignore them, covet their approval, be hilariously un-PC, and in general fuck with Democrats since Day 1.

He’s worked to keep every promise he made, he’s grown a lot while in office, he has terrific instincts, and he is a born fighter. He takes chances in real time that we haven’t seen an American president take in more than a century, and he’s right more often than he’s wrong. His take on the economy and on Obama is eerily accurate. I don’t blame him for feeling wounded that he doesn’t get the love, but I love him for pushing ahead anyway. He’s not perfect, but he is a good man when it’s all said and done, and he FIGHTS for America.

It’s beyond sad that many others can’t see it, but haters gonna hate.


I give Trump the fact that he is far better than dems in identifying real issues. It looks to me like the dems are (for the most part) fighting for stupid stuff while Trump tries to tackle real issues like low economic growth, all-around stupid polices towards China, North Korea (seriously why no one tried to deal with that?), immigration and trade deals. Of course I disagree with his approach to every single problem, lol.
Edit: except maybe his attitude towards China, that one is kinda ok, not perfect but ok.


At first it’s shocking, but you realized he’s just like you and me keeping it real. None of this fake PC to gain social justice points.

I actually give a lot of that credit to Dennis Rodman. I think Dennis should get a Nobel peace prize. He opened that door and he got shit on hard after his trips there. He was getting death threats from what I heard and had to go into hiding for a while. Someone should make a movie about it.


i can guarantee the nobel committee will give the peace prize to him before they even dare to consider giving it to Trump!


No Republican ever has picked fights with Democrats like Trump has, at least since US Grant. It has been a tremendous joy to behold.


Americans love America, they dont put party over country. Partisan thinking is not objective.


I hope Dennis gets some more recognition for this.


True . Will the real @homersimpsun stand up please ?:grin: USA seems to be riding the storm pretty well. No smut re: Daniels please homer…I am being nice


Rich Americans are doing great.


politicians seem to be doing ok as well


The world right now would immediately be a better, more productive place if we had collectively accepted Trump’s win. No doubt. Too much time had passed, and it’s not like it makes it easier for anyone to continue complaining about it…

Coming from someone who did not (doesn’t) consider him the ideal candidate for the seat, sort of like Bojack.


The world will immediately be a better, more productive place when we kick Trump’s orange ass out, and not until.


Well I personally don’t disagree.


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