The Apology Thread

I’ve been thinking lately about the political aspects of apologies. Actually, all aspects of apologies are political in a broad sense, but I mean in the usual, narrow sense of “political.”

Joe Biden has lately apologized for his own words because he got yelled at it by some a race baiting opportunist who slept her way to a position of power on TV. Was his apology accepted? Of course not. That was never the point.

An apology on your own behalf is what most people think of when they talk of apologies. In politics, it’s usually a bad, bad idea.

Then there’s the so-called apology tour - where you go around “apologizing” for things that no one in particular did at no particular point in time, in order to distance yourself from those things. It’s pure virtue signaling.

Then there is the throwing under the bus of an associate who has embarrassed you:

This last is a hybrid. You want to appease on your own behalf, by distancing yourself from the offense. necessary in the first place because the offender is connected to you.

By the way, the Obamas are throwing Biden under the bus. They sure do throw a lot of people under the bus. Trump, by comparison and contrast, flat out fires them.

UPDATE: Here. I edited it. That’s what you said to do. If you want it edited in a specific way, then you should specify why you deleted this thread in the first place. I’m not going to play guessing games.

Perhaps Michelle has an ulterior motive with Biden .
If Companies or people do some good things ( as perceived to be “good”) , they seem to think that any bad stuff will be easily brushed under the table .
, Ghandi springs to mind as the embodiment of an outwardly benign , peaceful man , but when one digs deeper , he was a racist bigot … no apology indeed would have been seen as very dubious in today’s world … but yes , he helped get India independence, so he must be a good role model .

Ok ok I’ll bite

Which politicians do you admire ?

hopefully you… one day

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I feel a lot of things in this chatroom.

Admiration is rarely one of them.

Thank you sir, I sincerely appreciate that.

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“Deep respect” in the Sicilian sense.

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