The Appalling Antisemitism (i.e., Anti-Jew/Israeli) Thread

A small victory over a giant turd of a man.

NYU Professor Tells Students of Hamas Atrocities: ‘We Know It’s Not True’ | The Free Press (

An adjunct NYU professor denied reports that the terrorist group Hamas beheaded babies and raped women in Israel on October 7, telling a group of students last month: “We know it’s not true.”
“We live in a Zionist city,” Amin Husain added at the December 5 “teach-in” organized by Students for Justice in Palestine at The New School, according to a video obtained by The Free Press. “No, let’s be real about this, let’s be fucking real.”
He went on to joke about his reputation for being antisemitic, citing a petition launched by an NYU alumnus on October 17, 2023, calling for his dismissal: “I have a petition going around, right, because I’m antisemitic. I won the honors of antisemitic multiple times.”

In the New School video from November, Husain endorses violence as a legitimate form of protest and resistance. “The best thing we can do right now is think of ungovernability as a strategy,” he says. “When you take the streets, when you break windows, when you care for each other, when money doesn’t mean what they want it to mean, when you figure out how to set different values, when you know how to say to a Zionist ‘no,’ when you take a position even though you know it’ll make your life a little bit more difficult, trust me, it’s worth it. It’s worth it, and it scares the shit out of them.”

UPDATE: On Thursday, NYU spokesperson John Beckman told The Free Press that Husain has been suspended from the university.

Please keep deplatforming these morons. Put them back where they belong, on a soapbox on the street corner, looking crazy, like they are.


Antisemitism, the world’s oldest hatred, keeps getting worse | Editorial – Sun Sentinel (

Another one bites the dust


Wow, this reads like, “Hamas ain’t all THAT bad.”
The Idea That Hamas Is Worse Than the Nazis Dangerously Distorts the Holocaust (

Hamas and the Nazis are both antisemitic groups who murdered Jews in awful and gratuitous ways. However, the Nazis carried out their killings of part of a national genocidal project which mobilized all the elements of a modern, massive nation-state, a state whose population, generally speaking, knew that Jews were being removed from society. Unlike Hamas which is attempting to cause a reaction, the Nazi state had no need to publicize its killing of Jews; it had the support of both government and people. Indeed, making its crimes public would have had the undesired effect of warning the victims.

Yup October 07 Hamas attacks lost on you lol

I asked the above question back in October, apparently at the time @Mr_PBH thought it was an obnoxious question.

Now that the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague has weighed in I wonder if @Mr_PBH still considers the excessive deaths and heavy handed approach of Israel an obnoxious question.

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Nope, I think this is also an obnoxious question, among other things.

Just couldn’t see the lawyers for Israel answering the question of if they are committing genocide in Palestinian with “you’re honour, that is an obnoxious question” so wondered if you had revised your position, it seems you have.

Carry on.

Swedish neo-Nazi party meets with Israeli officials

delegation of senior members from the far-right party in Sweden, the Swedish Democrats, arrived in Israel on an unofficial visit and met on Monday with Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli in the Knesset.

The party, currently the second-largest in the Swedish parliament, has roots in neo-Nazi and antisemitic ideologies. It is one of several European parties with which Israel has refrained from establishing official ties.

The delegation has visited Yad Vashem, one of the crossings connecting Israel to the West Bank, and the Old City in Jerusalem.

I made it almost half way, pretty awful. Did it take them weeks to come up with this?

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No, it was aired the Saturday of.

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Indeed. That is terrible.

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Accidental like.

-“I think killing 30,000 Gazans in retaliation for 1,000 Israelis is problematic”

“This foolishness about Adolf Hitler disarming MILLIONS of Jews and them marching them off to concentration camps is hogwash.”- Mark Robinson in 2018, Holocaust denier amd official Republican candidate for governor of North Carolina 2024.
Not antisemite- our kind of guy!-Republicans.

Right-wing commenter Candace Owens has been fired from right-wing commenter Ben Shapiro’s outlet The Daily Wire for antisemitism.

Owens also was the subject of backlash after she liked a post on X that said Jews drink the blood of Christians – an age-old antisemitic conspiracy theory. She also defended rapper Kanye West after he threatened to launch “death con 3” against Jewish people.

Americans all getting circumcized really ruined it as an identifier…

“An Anti-Semite used to be a person who disliked Jews, now it is a person who Jews dislike.” -Dr. Hajo Meyer, Holocaust Survivor.

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Didn’t know whether to put this in the Maga thread, the religious thread, or here.
Latest from MTG:

“Antisemitism is wrong, but I will not be voting for the Antisemitism Awareness Act,” Greene explained. “[It] could convict Christians of antisemitism for believing the Gospel that says Jesus was handed over to Herod to be crucified by the Jews.”

I support MTG here; you should be able to spew whatever ignorant hate-filled nonsense you want.
Just a reminder, the Gospels don’t say that Jesus was handed over to Herod- presumably Herod Antipas, since Herod the Great had died in 4 BC- alas for Mattew’s account of the Nativity- and Herod Archelaus had been removed by the Romans as puppet ruler of Judea in 6 AD, leaving Herod Antipas as the ruler of Galilee, and thus having no power in Judea.
Apparently he had come to Jerusalem for Passover, and wanted to question this Jesus to see if he was John the Baptist returned, so Pilate sent him over to Antipas’s palace. After questioning, he decided Jesus was a complete quack, and sent him back to Pilate.
Jesus was not “crucified by the Jews”, he was executed by the Romans; crucifixion was a Roman punishment. The idea that he was killed by the Jews is a later Christian slander, and anyone believing it is simply making things up to justify their own antisemitism- like MTG, who has obviously never read the Bible in her life.


This is how you oppose the Antisemitisnm Bill

“As a Jewish woman, I’ve experienced antisemitism all my life,” Jacobs said following the bill’s passage in the lower chamber. “I’ve been called a kike while I was waiting for a drink at a bar when I was at college. I’ve heard too many ‘jokes’ to count about my frizzy hair and my big nose.”

“I remember my classmates who thought it was funny to say people were ‘being Jewed’ when someone was being frugal,” she continued. “I know the hatred and ignorance that lie behind all these comments, and how they can quickly escalate into violence — and I’m deeply concerned about the rise of antisemitism in San Diego and across the country.”

The California Democrat said she supports Israel’s right to exist but that she knows many who question that and are “deeply” tied to Judaism.

“But I do not believe that anti-Zionism is inherently antisemitism. I support Israel’s right to exist, but I also know many people who question whether Israel should exist as a Jewish state who are deeply connected to their Judaism,” Jacobs said.