The Appalling Antisemitism (i.e., Anti-Jew/Israeli) Thread

Another antisemite down

But college students…

Adams condemns NYC Nova exhibit protesters’ ‘pure antisemitism’ after they waved terror flags, endorsed Hitler (

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday ripped the “despicable” anti-Israel protesters who mobbed a downtown Manhattan exhibit that memorializes the Oct. 7 terror attacks.
“That is pure antisemitism,” Adams tweeted in a three-minute video, referring to Monday’s heinous protesters who waved Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist flags, unfurled a “Long live October 7th” banner and lamented that Adolf Hitler isn’t around to wipe out Jewish people.


Sorry, I don’ read Arabic- these are posters actually celebrating Adolf Hitler? Celebrating rape? Could you show the translation?

Not that I know of, no.

Right- so no evidence of what Mayor Adams is saying.

It’s clearly celebrating October 7th.

But the report was of protesters celebrating Hitler and rape- anybody got any evidence of that?

October 7th was a bit rapey.

There’s quite a bit online. All entirely searchable.

Where? I didn’t have any luck.

Where what?

Where are the entirely searchable facts of which there are quite a bit of online!

Is the argument that this is AI or something?

What am I missing here?

Not that. Read above

Adams has a proven track record of idiocy. However, he’s generally right here.

I’m not really doubting it personally based on some of the things I’ve seen, on the other hand he lies without any compunction or pause, and I didn’t immediately see anything.

OK, It could be argued that celebrating October 7th doesn’t necessarily equate celebrating rape.