The Appalling Antisemitism (i.e., Anti-Jew/Israeli) Thread

I need to take a shower.


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You can trust me.

I’d need to throw you first.

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You can’t throw that far.

IOTW, no.

That there is no translation of the banner. For all I know, it could say “Hooray! A lot of Jews were raped”, or “Yay Adolf! He should have killed more.”
Or, it could be saying something different.

Long Live October 7th

Thank you. Since there is pretty convincing evidence that rape was used as a weapon by Hamas, people celebrating it should be condemned.

What are you thanking me for?

That some ISIS shit?

So go on, condemn them.

I’m convinced rapes occurred, but not convinced that rape was deliberately used as a weapon. What’s the evidence in your estimation? Anyway, I agree, celebrating Oct 7 should be condemned.

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Giving the translation. Or wasn’t that it?

You’re right. The number of confirmed rapes is fairly small, so it could just be individuals or small gangs.

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Are you taking the piss?

Which makes it less horrifying how?

What is the fairly small number of confirmed rapes?

How would you define fairly small?

Just another day in paradise, where the kids are alright.

Free Hamas.

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A man holding a sign that declared “Long Live October 7th”

We might have to have that translated.

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