The ashes

Are there any other posters out there seriously enjoying the ashes in Australia?
Where is the truant?

England “rusty and woeful.” Ouch!
Never mind. Click here for all the latest and a completely addicting wee game.

Ah yes, super stuff. And I hate cricket, as a rule.


28 for 2. It’s gonna be a cruel cruel winter.

Flat pitch, eh?

I’m following it at baggy green … 49222.html


47-3? Best start thinking about the next test, I suppose.

And I was really looking forward to this weekend too!
51 for 3. nudge nudge.

3/112 in their 2nd dig, the Poms. There’s snake cracks all over the pitch. Aussies dead set certainties to get 1 nil up. What a pleasant Sunday arvo in the lounge, it is. Aussie, aussie, aussie …

I never before saw a wicket you can put four fingers into.

293-5…pray for rain…

Prayers’ no good.

Australia has wrapped up a first Test victory over England at the Gabba, picking up the required five wickets on the final day all within the first session.

The visitors had a disastrous start to day five as Australian paceman Brett Lee dismissed danger man Kevin Pietersen with the fourth ball of the day.[/quote]

Not a peep? :laughing:

But I just know Omni’s going to put another hex on things soon enough with his “we never win anything” sniffles!


Why didn’t Ponting force the follow on? Did he want a tilt at another hundred?

1 nil :bravo:. You might be right, Fox. Did you realise Ponting’s test average was over 58 in 105 tests :astonished:.

I’m surprised Omni hasn’t been around with his reverse psychology.

Second test in Adelaide on Friday :slight_smile:

Bring on Adelaide.

Does anyone know any internet TV I can watch the second test on? Can’t see anything on TVU player…

Whilst we are waiting for the second test, I thought I would throw a bit of info at the cricketing newbies.
Lesson One The Chinaman

From Wiki

Another Chinaman currently playing is Dave Mohammed (West Indies).

The term seems to be common in India, but it was pretty rare back home in NZ.

There is no cricket on TVU. Try wisden or one of the other pay cricket sites.

But I can watch it on my laptop anywhere I go.

Huang Guang Chen has been having slingplayer internet TV too :slight_smile:

my old man will be hear over xmas and it is a family tradition to watch the boxing day test together. which pub(s) will be showing it on a decent sized screen?

England are 227 for 3. Its looking healthy at this stage.

For those that want to listen live visit:

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