The Bargirl's Drinking My Beer!

Original Title: whats the deal with the chicks behind the bar?

quick question for you guys.

excuse my newbieness, but when i first got here a few days ago, i went into this bar to have a quiet beer and to read my copy of the taipei times.
The chick behind the bar pours my beer (which cost $200), and then helps herself to a glass from my bottle, while standing there looking at me and reading my paper even though she cant speak any English at all.
first time it happened I ignored it. The second time I thought it was a bit strange (in a different bar) and by the time I had done this in FOUR separate bars I begin to wonder if they are bars at all.
Now dont get me wrong, I have nothin g against sharing my beer with a girl, nothing at all. But am I missing something here??
Whats the deal?? Have I mistakenly walked into brothels or what??

I don’t know what the hell happened to you. That’s never happened to me.

Are you drinking in the Combat Zone between Zhongshan North Road and Linsen North Road?

If you were where Maoman suggests, then the answer is: pretty much.


That has never happened to me either.

Do they also help you smoke your cigs?

What cologne are you wearing?

Maybe I should accompany you on a night out to assist? You could take care of the beer, and I’ll take care of the young ladies.

lotsa the bar girls here in taoyuan/shung li are somewhat similar, or at least they used to when i still went out to the bars before marriage :stuck_out_tongue:

often they just want to drink with you, which is customer relations here. or they help you to drink quicker, which ups the ol’ bottom line. if they aren’t drinking your beer, they’ll continually “cheers” you with a cup a water.

didn’t know that this didn’t happen in the big city though.

I have also had this happen.

Why?..dunno. Maybe to be friendly…maybe to hustle the beer…maybe because I am so devastatingly handsome? (big negative on that one).

I try to discourage this from happening in a polite way. Since I only patronize 2 places one has stopped completely doing it and the girls at the other pub now ask 1st. I just put a lot of ice cubes in their glass and then pour it myself.

But, it is a common thing. Another thing, both places are total local (read Taiwanese) pubs. I have never seen another ‘foreigner’ in them and they say I’m pretty much the only one.

And I also read the english language fish-wraps while having my beer.

Does the name of the place include “talking” as in “Talking Pub”, etc…?

What you are describing, aside from the newspaper part, is standard in places like that. You order booze, they pour, help themselves, you talk and keep buying.

No idea. One bar was called Napolean, the others I dont remember. Where do you guys go in Tainan for a cheap jar? Everywhere seems quite expensive and I’ve seen no Westerners in any of them.

There is a really popular place in Tainan called The Armory.

I didn’t like it, but if it’s Westerners you’re looking for, you’ll hit the mother lode (for Tainan).

You know the big park? Jong Shan? Well, the road that runs on the south end of that, once it crosses over …

Sorry, it’s been too long that I’ve left Tainan. I can’t remember the street names. Ask Tainan Cowboy, or Mod Lang. They’re both in Tainan as well.

Good luck.

Thanks rooftop, I will check it out. I wouldn’t say I am looking for Westerners per se, but its nice to have a normal conversation once in a while without gesticulating like a madman and consulting a phrase book every 5 minutes. I haven’t started my job yet, so I’ve had no contact with anyone other than the Taiwanese so far.

No idea. One bar was called Napolean, the others I don’t remember. Where do you guys go in Tainan for a cheap jar? Everywhere seems quite expensive and I’ve seen no Westerners in any of them.[/quote]

In Tainan go to The Armory 06 2269520 , The Hangout 06 220 0172, Willy’s 2nd Base 06 291 1050, and Fat Bastards 06 222 3081… all foreign owned bars with satellite TV. Beers at these places are a lot less than NT$200.

Satellite…do you know if any of those places open before 9 pm?

Peferably iin the early afternoon, perhaps?

Thanks satellite. And everyone else.

The Napoleon is that pub on Chengkung Road, next to the hotel? That’s a talking bar. Several other bars in that little complex close by are talking bars as well.

Willy’s, Fat Bastards, the Armory, and the Hangout are all good pubs. Beer runs around a 100 NT at each place, except for Willy’s because they serve the fancy Belgian imports you can’t get anywhere else - around 150 NT or so for one of those.

Sorry, but none of those open until the evening. Maybe you could try Jerry’s on the corner of Fuchian and Haian - it’s popular foreigner hangout. Good burgers and other Western dishes (the guy used to work as a chef at Willy’s), a nice patio area and 60 NT beers. Actually, that whole section along Haian Road, near the Chinatown shopping district, has loads of outdoor beer/tea/coffee bars - it’s a pretty cool place to hang in the afternoons if that’s what you’re interested in.

Satellite…do you know if any of those places open before 9 pm?

Peferably iin the early afternoon, perhaps?[/quote]

The Hangout at 7pm and Willy’s at 5:30pm.

Not sure about the others but you can always call.

Don’t ever recall that happening to me over the last 19 years.
Guess I must not be drinking enough or in the right places.

Next to the hotel. Yes, thats the one, but what do you mean exactly by ‘talking bars’? Do I understand that literally it is a bar where one may go and talk, or is it some kind of code for something else like going to the barbershop/sauna etc?

You pay a good looking girl to talk to you in the talking bars. I don’t think it is code for something else as the one near where I live closed down I suppose due to the abundance of barber shops…that aren’t. What do whose guys accomplish by alwas keeping the strip of concrete surrounding their establishments hosed down.