The Beard

I usually grow a beard during winter. I haven’t for the last two but am starting one now.
Here in Taiwan, the consensus seems to be among women that beards are “dirty.” Men seem to think they are interesting, but perhaps because they can’t (generally) grow a full beard themselves.
Any thoughts? You women out there?

You’ll have to post a picture so we can see what you’re talking about.
We can’t decide without seeing it, can we ?

Some beards are ok. But mustaches make men look like poofs.
Does your beard have gray in it? Will you look like Grizzly Adams? If so, don’t bother…

Well holy of holies, wolf finally posts something frivolous!

I am also interested in what women think, though I tend to support the idea that it isn’t really facial hair, or lack of, that makes a difference to a woman. I met a guy in the hotel business center the other day who had a full beard and acted like a complete asshole. If he shaved his face, he’d still be an asshole.

When I let my beard grow out, it tends to scare children and old ladies, and I tend to look older. Sometimes women tell me it makes me look a bit evil, which can be either good or bad, depending on the girl.

The most interesting comment I’ve ever heard from a woman on this topic came from a lady I met on a plane flight back here a year or so ago. Taking a look at my goatee (Van Dyke-style), she told me: “I’ll be your girlfriend looovvvvesss that beard when you’re, you know, visiting the downtown area.” Food for thought :sunglasses: .

Wolf, you look better clean-shaven.

Wolfie, you don’t need a “beard” :shock: …this is 2003…come out of the closest…courage my love…don’t tease the hets…

I really don’t like beards, but then, I don’t like any body hair either. Some of my friends in Taiwan do seem to be able to grow beards, but whenever they do it seems to mean that somebody in their family has died. They usually shave them and cut their hair as soon as the mourning period is over, thank god.

It really is up to you, though. If a beard makes you feel hot/good about your looks, go for it.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You hit the nail on the head, 2. Our Wolfie really is a sensitive little bugger. :wink:

What? The salty beard look is not cool? :sunglasses:
I grow a beard from time to time just to change my look. And yes, it makes me look older for sure, particularly with the ever increasing grey.
Tomas, a “lady” hints to you about good eatin’ at the Y? I hope you did some mile-high action (unless she was someone’s grandmother).

And look at the Chinese sages…they all have these long goatees, yes?

I have had a beard since I was a senior in high school. I have only shaved it completely off twice. Once when I was in a play in university, the director would not let me keep it. Then I shaved it off a week before the play began and started to grow it back immediately when the play was over. The second time was some years later when I decided it was time to see what I looked like without the facial hair. I didn’t like it. :shock: I looked horrible. I have gone to a goatee a few times.

As for beards being “dirty,” I can only say that I keep my beard trimmed short and neat, and I think most guys look best that way. I wash it every day, with the rest of me. And, I have seen people here, sans beard, whose hair is dirty, greasy, etc… My point is, it all depends on how well you take care of it, just like the rest of your hair and body.

Of course, not everyone likes to see men with beards (Luckily my bf loves it). And, as was said, many men here can’t grow beards. So, maybe part of the reason people think they are “bad” is because they aren’t used to them?!?!?

I agree with Alien, though, the majority of men don’t look good with just a mustache. And, I don’t think most men look good with just a beard, sans mustach. Goatees and mustaches are good, though.

Finally, I can’t vouch for women liking the beard “down there.” But, I can say that many men do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I had a beard.
Next , no one had here…d.
from me. Then I had beard,
I don’t have one now.
next I have a beard,
no one will here
from me then.
When I have a beard,
it’s just a beard.

Chou Dou Po…et

She was no lady. :? :sunglasses:

Chou. You’ve got to stop posting when drunk :wink:

[quote=“Alien”]Some beards are ok. But mustaches make men look like poofs.
I had a big old waxed handlebar job a few years ago a la Dali. I sure as hell didn’t look like a poof. I looked like an idiot. (OK, maybe a poofy idiot) Problem was, it took me a couple of years to realize it. :blush:

Also, I see Wolf every day and will be providing regular unbiased and objective updates, without fear or favour, on the state of the Wolf’s manly ruff.

Why not? Sounds perfectly lady-like to me.

She was no lady. :? 8-)[/quote]

Twonavels is right. I’m sure you’re joking, but your post caused me to recall other delightfully plain-speaking, classy women I know. I have a surrogate grandmother named Kay who tells dirty jokes, gets me and her grandkids drunk on the golf course (“Come on T., have another Bloody Mary!”), curses like a sailor, and flirts shamelessly with any cute guy over the age of 50 (Kay is 74 but looks 60). She does it all with class. People who meet Kay immediately peg her as a lady of the finest sort. The lady on the plane was, in fact, a lady one of the same ilk, unconcered with social conventions restricting someone from speaking her mind.

Wolf, nothing happened on board the plane, by the way. The flight was bumpy, so she gave me some sleeping pills and we both passed out until the plane touched down (no jokes about me being molested in my sleep now). I later asked my lovely girlfriend of the time if my plane buddy’s hypothesis was true or not, and she said that she had no idea either way. I’d never shaven off my Van Dyke during the time we’d been together, so she couldn’t compare shaven with unshaven.

I stand by my earlier hypothesis. Facial hair, or lack of it, doesn’t make the man.

Having said that, I recently grew my Van Dyke back for three or four months, but the damned white hair has multiplied. I look about 30 without it, and about 40 with it, so I went for the clean look again. Alien confirmed that salt-and-pepper beards don’t look all that great. I tend to agree.

Having said that, I recently grew my Van Dyke back for three or four months[/quote]

Wowowowow, one of my fav. and I think you must look sexy!!

Well, as I had said on all my other posts, personally, I think a man with facial hair of any kind (beard, goatee, little musta.) whatever it maybe, I like it and I like it a lot!! I think guys with hairs are very sexy !! But Wolf, it may not look on everybody but do it regardless, do whatever rock your boat and if a woman likes it, go for it!!

[quote]Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
Fuzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy
Was he?[/quote]

I’ve always like that little nonsense.

I hate to shave, but my beard itches my skin. Right now I have 5 day’s growth on my mug, but I’ll likely shave it off tomorrow or the next day, as soon as it starts to itchin’.

now I wonder if only beard will itches the skin. Also, don’t ya guys get ingrown hair… ouch.

I stand by my earlier hypothesis. Facial hair, or lack of it, doesn’t make the man. [/quote]

Generally I agree with you, Tomas. However, I do think there are two exceptions. The first is especially true here in Taiwan. Some men, due to genetics, are unable to grow adequate facial hair, even for a mustache/goatee, let alone a mustache/beard. In that case, if they let their facial hair grow and it just appears in random strands or patches, it does not look good. And, in my humble opinion can “un-make” the man.

Also, if the man does not take care of his facial hair – lets it grow too long, does not wash it often or thoroughly enough, or even smokes, allowing his mustache to turn cigarette-yellow – that, in my opinion, can again “un-make” the man.

With this I’d have to disagree. I think facial hair with grey in it, like other hair with grey in it, can be very sexy and/or distinquished on men. But, like all other things, it depends on the man, the color of the grey hair, the original color of the hair, how the grey is interspersed throughout the hair, etc… etc… etc…

I don’t mind the grey in my beard or the hair on my head. However, I was bothered to find the first grey hair on my chest and… ah… down there. :blush: