The Bed 2

Went to a rather exotic place last night called The Bed 2. Very Indian/Mid eastern feel with Thai style food…and Huge Shishes (Or hookahs for those otherwise informed) $200 gets you a rather large chunk of flavored tobacco to puff at for hours whilst listening to Indian/Eastern tunes. VERY relaxing and has VIP rooms decked out with faux fur and Tribal themes for about $6000 minimum.
Its quite easy to sit there for hours chilling and enjoying the decor. Any fans of Velvet Underground will appreciate it
One of the owners is a friend and I hope that it gets a good crowd of expats who enjoy the lounginess of it. This place is cooooll :beatnik:

Its near Saints and Sinners at No 9, Lane 171 An He Rd Sec 2.PH 27332520

Interesting mix, middle eastern decor with Thai food + hookah? I’ll go for the hookah! Yippee…

Oops, a slight amendment to my last post.
I mistakenly quoted $200 as the ‘hookah’ price, it’s actually $500 and up. Nevertheless, it will last a good 30-60 mins depending on how hard you puff. Had dinner and a couple of drinks there tonite, the Thai green curry was ok as were the Pad Thai noodles. Seafood salad, compliments of the manager, was yummy and went down superbly with Beefeater G&T’s. To end our chill out Sunday, Highway Starlet and I choofed on a Shishah of mixed fruit tobacco whilst listening to my Natacha Atlas ‘Diaspora’ CD, which i supplied to them. Total bill was just over $1600 and we left feeling very laid back. I really dig places like this that dare to be a little different. Its great for an alternative to noisy, crowded venues for a recovery evening. I shall return.

I went to ‘The Bed’ in one of the alleys off ChungHsiao (near Luxy). The food was pretty good and the drinks not too bad - albeit a little pricey. But overall excellent decor, good food and cocktails. The service was substandard. They were slow and unresponsive and when we tried to order basic cocktails like Vodka Tonic, Kamikaze & Tom Collins, the waitress appeared dazed and someone else had to come back to ask TWICE what we wanted. And I waited for 30 minutes for my Vodka Tonic and it never appeared and finally was fed up and asked for the bill. THEN, the Vodka Tonic appeared which we promptly returned. Of course, as expected, the bill came WITH the Vodka Tonic and they also overcharged us for an additional bowl of rice.

For a premium establishment like that, you would expect better service. Presumably both establishments are opened by the same person?

That is because they were thinktanking you and they surely got you!

Just wondering, has anyone been to this group’s other restaurants such as Bird or Rouge? You can check out the group’s website at, although it did not show up when i used FireFox. Would be interested in knowing opinions on their other restaurants beside Bed 2.


Nice website and the restaurants look good. One thing, the link in your post doesn’t work because there’s a comma at the end:

Also, I could not find any addresses in English on your website. Could you pass them along for us. :wink:

just to be clear, that’s not my website. i have absolutely no relationship with them. just wondering if anyone has been to any of those reastaurants and can offer an opinion.