The Beet Bar, Grand Opening Saturday, Zhongli, Taoyuan

I wanted everyone to know that there is a new bar/pub in Zhongli called “The Beet.” I just opened it with my good Taiwanese friend. It is an American/Canadian style pub with great music; I have everything you want to hear. We have a real dart board and a 42” plasma screen TV to watch sports including my favorite F1 and Moto GP. In the future we will have satellite and probably a foosball table. The best part is that our draft beer is only $100nt for a 500cc mug. We have Taiwan draft, and San Miguel Draft. Bottled beers are Coors Light, Budweiser, Corona Light, and Heineken for $150nt. Easy mixed drinks like Rum and Coke, Vodka Tonic, Gin Tonic, Whiskey Coke, etc are all $100nt. The Beet Bar is located in the most happening place in Zhongli, right in the Zhong Yuen Night Market and University (中原大學.) The greatest part about The Beet, not including the cheep booze, is that we have a balcony over looking one of the busiest streets around. So come check it out, we are located at Shi Jian Rd #105, 2nd Floor (實踐路 105 號 2nd Floor.) It is just right off the main night market street, very close to the Second Hand Movie Theater.

We are open Tuesday-Sunday 9:00PM-4:00AM. We are open now, but this Saturday is our Grand Opening. See ya there.

PS: I named the bar after a great friend of mine that lived in Taiwan for years. He was an amazing person. He had a tragic scooter accident almost two years ago. His name was Bob Beet. He would be honored.

BUMP for some cheap beer.

Good luck to you on the new bar. I think I met you once in my brief stay in Jongli. I will stop in next time I am in that area.

can swedes come too? how about turnips, radishes and carrots, and other sundry root vegetables?

or is this strictly for beets?

good luck.

Doh! I need my eyes tested, I thought it was the “Beef Bar”, which made me wonder why you’d open a gay bar in Zhongli.

All the best!


blah blah Coors Light blah blah Corona Light

Perhaps the Marsupial was right? :smiling_imp:

:beatnik: :beer:

Good luck chaps!

[quote=“almas john”]blah blah Coors Light blah blah Corona Light

Good luck chaps![/quote]

Well the only reason I bought those two brands is because they come with pretty good looking beer girls for free on the weekends. :slight_smile: Anyway, the draft beer is where its at.

It’s near impossible to find Corona Light in Taiwan, so I’ll give it a try next time I’m there in Jhongli. I’m only familiar with the area within walking distance of Jhongli train station (I live in Hsinchu) perhaps someone could orient me to the Beet bar location if I was walking from the train station.

Jesus Wept!
I was supposed to visit long ago.
Is it still open?
I will make it a vital issue to drop by with a bottle. During these last ever-longing daze of this sorry sad ass year!