The beginning of the end of remote working?

Ive been a remote worker for many years. Its perfectly feasible for many. I was travelling around Asia I didnt need an office…If I wasnt able to remote work I would have moved away ages ago.

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I keep telling myself I miss the office. I wonder if when I get back there I will hate it though. At the end of the day I suppose it’s the work that keeps me going.

I dislike the juggling also, and in Taiwan it seems an unspoken rule that you have to juggle. Look at the last two weeks, right from the CECC, schools out, but work is still on suckers! Maybe some people in Taiwan think working from home is a little bit of a joke, I don’t know. Culturally you’ve got banks and other organisations here that force their non customer facing employees to wear uniforms for Christ’s sake, and punch in and out, send fucking emails at the end of the day reporting to HR everything they worked on. So in this traditional “school” view of work, it would be unsurprising if work from home is viewed as a bit of a holiday. Sometimes, that is to say right now, it’s harder than being in an air conditioned office. I do miss my free tea and biscuits, and chats at the watercooler, but I digress.

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when kids went to school remote working was a blessing. with kids at home i get nothing done.


Taiwan still has a factory mentality for managing employees, they havent realized that aone transitioned to a service economy and not manufacturing.

I keep reading about this “Great Resignation” in the US, but I can’t make head or tail of it. If all these people quit, and there is apparently a skills shortage, where did they go and how are they earning a wage?

my friends who have reaigned either:

  1. take an extended vacation living off savings, trying to figure out their lives
  2. one started their own businesses
  3. were looking for a job and resigned to improve their salary with another company.

So it’s potentially a sort of (upper) middle class thing, people who have enough savings to either take an extended vacation or start a business. Ultimately many will have to rejoin the workforce at some point.

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Many have re-evaluateed their priorities after going through Covid lockdowns, etc.
Some dual-income earners may have gone to single breadwinner.
Some single people may have gone back to live with parents.
Some who worked 50+ hours a week may have settled for less pressure jobs.
All kinds of reasons.

TBH, all my friends are middle class, i have no way of knowing if the "great resignation " impacted blue collar workers.

another important note: thise taking extended time off, were eother very high earners, or singles, that dont need much money.
all the married+kids ones switched jobs, didnt take time off.

An interesting take today on this topic.

F**k Elon Musk!

Will no one rid us of this meddlesome priest?

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Maybe fully self driving Teslas are truly “a year or two away” if his employees come back into the office?

It’s part of a layoff - 10% of Tesla’s employees need to go. The email will probably cause some of them to quit voluntarily:

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Google employee?


I honestly think we are wrong to make this a absolute issue.

I think there are advantages and disadvantages of remote working, working full time in the office, and some sort of hybrid style. It just depends on what will work for the business and if management/executives find what really works.

There are many jobs that I think fully remote would be the best net beneficially, some hybrid, some I think fully in the office.

But I do worry young people are missing out working at the office. Yes the commute can suck and most high paying jobs for young people require long commutes as offices are usually in expensive areas. But I think you miss the chance to learn a lot from others at the office. And a lot of young people in my experience as an employer struggle with professionalism. They don’t know how to act and I would hesitate to bring them to an important client meeting.

We don’t do remote working for my office. Party because we are moving product and people need to be there. But the ideas we come up with just messing around is really helpful to the business. But we’ve set it up where creativity is encouraged and we don’t have much of a hierarchical structure.


Here’s an odd thing. Since I started WFH my IBS has absolutely disappeared. Like, not one single occurrence. Which makes me think it’s triggered by a depressing office environment.


There’s the third way:

Has kids and loves remote working - loves Victorian child raising :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Working from an office is great for cohesion.

Could it be this mechanism at work:
[](Share Pain Brings People Together) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Fuck me. No. Tell the coworkers to keep their pain to themselves. I have enough shit to deal with, I don’t need to have their shit shared to me.