The best area to open a eatery/coffee/beer place in Taipei?

As the title states, where would be the best area in Taipei to open something like let’s call it a bistro.

Denver is quite hip these days.

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In Taipei.


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Baraboo, Wisconsin

Close enough to Taipei!

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Zhonghe. Us country folk need some cool places too.

Somewhere close to Zhongshan MRT station.

Minsheng community

Not enough?

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Already a zillion places.


I’m still exploring the area. Cafes have, not sure about bistros.

Already moved there?

Inside it? I guess there is a shit load of unused space, mainly cos the upstairs failed safety inspection.

Yes. Found a nice Vietnamese last night.

I was thinking vicinity, but yeah, why not?

What are you talking about? Bopiliao???

You got a better idea?

I’ve been there. The Greyhound bus from Minneapolis to Madison stops on the way there.

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