The Best Beach or Music Festival in Taiwan?

Looking for your recommendations on the best outdoor beach party/festival or outdoor music festival, or combination thereof. Please name the event and time of year it occurs, and not just say ‘there’s a great festival in kending’. Thanks in advance!

“there’s no longer a great festival in Kenting” just quoting myself as I say it.

Only want the best? How about second or third-bests?

sure, even Grade B and Grade C stuff, doesn’t have to be a huge 3 day event with corporate sponsors and import models dancing on raised stages, though that could be nice too

Eden Hill
Spring Break
Spring Scream
Tomorrow Land

These are all decent festivals of recent years, but of course covid has changed things. No idea how the ground lies now.


Fulong Beach Music Festival
Megaport, Kaohsiung
LUCfest Music Festival, Tainan
Woohoo, Miaoli
Urban Nomad
Fall Fling, Kaohsiung

Nantou, Hualien, others have weekend long music festivals can’t recall names at moment.



This is the only one I have heard of, which means it is at least somewhat famous:
Fulong Beach Music Festival

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great leads, thank yah. Yes… we are all waiting for covid-fest 2022

great list, thanks for including the city. Is it S20 or $20? I can do the former but not the latter :joy:

Some of the rave-ish festivals at the park on the river in Taipei have world-class stages. With the stages that are shipped around the globe for the international traveling festivals.

Even have World Class DJ’s either live or pipe in.


Most (not all) of those stages are designed and built locally. Yes even the biggest ones… Also be wary of the larger festivals there have been many issues with “postponement” for over a year and avoidance of paying refunds and lack of communication / mudslinging with certain promoters. Also other issues with electronic wristbands for purchases with remaining balances that cannot be refunded. In short, you are better and safer to support the smaller festivals in the mountains etc… that will always promptly give refunds.

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I think the international touring music festivals bring their own stages. It’s hard to imagine building something like these for one time use.

These pics are from a couple shows I went to Taipei Dajia Riverside Park 2019


Unite my friend and his mates did that that was the kaoshung one right? But yeah both of those were shipped in and also the one with all the inflatable plants…elrow. But the rest yeah made in taiwan

Incidentally both acardia and unite kinda flopped moneywise and had massive losses

Im not really imto the livestream which is almost always not live and prerecorded.

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those look amazing!