The best Bicycle shops

That’s right folks! I want to buy bicycle. You know those things you make go with your legs? :wink:

So I ask: where are the best places in Taiwan? I live in Taichung, but would be willing to make the trek for the right place.

I’ve loved bicycles for a long time and riding scooters, since being in Taiwan, has only been reminded why. Drinking too much beer has also helped. The Lord and his mysterious ways!

So, even though there’s extra competition for the cycle lane, I want to get back to the real thing.

Being a dreamer and idealist, I want to get a quality ride, something like the Trek Soho or the Cannonade Bad Boy. Ideally, i’d like to visit a place that sells these or who would be able to give me a test ride on arrangement…

Info appreciated.

Ride on!


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