The best birthday present you've ever received

I just had my birthday and got a great present from a friend. Since I can’t have dogs since I am allergic she got me a life sized plush dog of my favorite breed golden retriever. It meant a lot to me because I had one when I was younger.

What are some memoriable birthday presents you have received in the past?

I got some really cool Stikfas once. :smiley:

What are Stikfas you say? Click my sig. :rainbow:

Little pram for my teddy bear - it looked almost as ugly as the real ones back in the USSR. I was 5 years old and very happy.

Big League Chew

An orange. :s

a cookie shaped in a heart.

Can’t say it in a public forum.

On my 7th birthday, my family didn’t have whole lot of money, not even to get me a birthday cake. My mother felt really bad about this because she tries to make our birthdays special.
She spent the afternoon making dinner and putting together a brownie recipe with the ingredients we had in our house. After dinner she surprised me with it…well, as surprised as one can be with the smell of chocolate coming from the kitchen and a big-mouthed 5-year-old sister, and had put 7 matches in my oversized piece of brownie.

That had to be the best birthday present I had ever had…my mother actually baking something from scratch for me so I could have something to celebrate my birthday with.

Registration for a willow furniture making class.

I furnished my house by hand. I also sold many pieces. I made a bed frame with birch, many tables and chairs mostly and other little crafts.


  1. A boat trip up the river Thames to Hampton Court, followed by an evening at Battersea Fun Fair with my brother, best friend and best friend’s brother.

  2. A rucksack I was given when for my 14th birthday. I am still using it now at age 45.

  3. Same as Flicka.

When I turned 18 my girlfriend gave me exactly what I wanted.

I was living at a boarding school when I turned 18, and for some reason(drama issues probably) I was making this big ole deal about turning 18, as if it was akin to turning 40. So, there I am in my room at the stroke of midnight crying my eyes out cause I just turned 18. At that moment, two acquaintances from Japan and Ethopia, knock at my door. They came to wish me happy bday with a homemade bday card. I never felt more special,loved and remembered in that moment. I will always be grateful to them for that…

With each passing year, time that I can spend with my family… those are the nicest gifts :slight_smile: