The best of forumosa- the book

this is a great site and a good thing. sometimes a thread gets going and it is just great. recognizing such, is it possible to get some of the noteworthy threads and publish them in book form? caves books would be an immediate location that comes to mind.

yes, i am actually suggesting that a book (books?) be made from the postings of a website. subsections/chapters could represent the various forums. there could be a line of books, updated yearly- kinda like a “living in taiwan guidebook” which actually takes into account the intricacies of being here.

anyway, don’t flame me out now. let the idea sit for awhile.


And the profits could pay the hosting fees? After paying someone to wade through the morass to find the good bits. Imagine having to read everything sandman ever wrote in search of the time he was funny! :noway:

Actually, this raises an interesting question. When you post something here, do you keep the copyright on it or are you putting it in the public domain, or are you surrendering it to Maoman, or what? I thought of trying to sell Tigerman’s article about attitudes to law a while back.

“Everything I Needed to Know About Taiwan, I Learned From Forumosa” :smiley:

Skeptic, pick out a couple of threads that you think would be worthy of publication.

spack, yeah-i’ll play. but this is just spitballin’. first, if i were on the editorial board for such a project we’d have to ID our target audience. towards that end, i would offer up that a good audience would be a new english teacher or expat to taiwan who wanted a bit more of a glimpse as to how things really work in taiwan that just can’t be included in lonely planet. the readers of the book would therefore perhaps be spared a few of the tribulations others have already survived.

robert marotz’ AAAUgh, just got here…
meshell’s why do taiwanese just sit and watch
and the da’an park school raids thread
iron woman and her jousts with the telephone co.

all of the above are “live” threads and would be easy to find.

yes, such is highly subjective. spack had a request and i gave him a reply.

best wishes.

[url=]How about “The Best of Forumosa - the syndicated column” (sort of). You can find this every other week in POTS EXTRA :slight_smile: