The best restaurant in Taipei is...

Mayur Indian Kitchen? At least if you believe in TripAdvisor reviews. As in better than every single Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese restaurant in Taipei and better than every other restaurant of any type?

Really??? Agree/disagree?

In every city in China, Indian restaurants come top. My feeling is that Indian people really like reviewing restaurants on Tripadvisor.


All the Indian food I’ve tasted here has been complete shit. They should get their money back off whoever they paid to write that crap.

Depends who it’s for. Best restaurant in Taipei? No. But a very good restaurant for one or two people traveling in Taiwan, who probably aren’t that familiar with Chinese and are looking for a meal, then yeah, Mayur is pretty high up there (although I prefer Balle Balle). Most of the really good Chinese or Taiwanese or Japanese places that I’ve been to aren’t very accessible for people who can’t read Chinese, and also work much better with a group than with just a single business traveller or a couple.

Indeed, that is why TA reviews can be so unreliable in any country where English is not the main language. Total disconnect between what the locals would like and what English speaking tourists would like.

I wouldn’t call them unreliable. If you’re looking for a place for one or two tourists who can’t read Chinese, TripAdvisor is plenty reliable enough. They may not be the best places in town, but the places that are local favorites often aren’t going to be an option for tourists who are just passing through.

TripAdvisor tells you what other tourists have liked the most. And that’s a reasonable metric if you’re a tourist just like those people. If you’re looking for restaurants that are liked most by the local people, then you shouldn’t be looking at TripAdvisor.

ive pretty much avoided indian food here due to the price being quite a bit higher than all other restaurants.

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Trip Advisor advice can easily be scammed. Always need to check more valid references.