The best Shrimpin' hole in Taipei

I’m throwing a big shrimpin party and need to find a shrimpin place that people can get to in Taipei.

I’d also like to know some good ones in Taichung, Tainan, Chaiyi, and Kaoshiung.

Rock on!

Let me know what you come up with. I think a Forumosan Shrimping Happy Hour would rock. :banana:

Actually, is holding a Taiwan wide Shrimpin’ tournament.

I’m on a site recon mission. I’ll be promoting it at Spring Scream this weekend. The pics and vid will be great. We’ll be gathering prizes and more sponsors over the next couple weeks.

Want to get involved?

I would be down for a shriping party this long weekend. Friday afternoon anyone? I always though Shilin was the best no?

Thanks Tyc00n. I’m takin notes?

Why do you think that’s a good place?

I can’t go this weekend. But if you do… would you mind getting some info for me?

I just need to find out how much and could I get a group rate if I bring 20 anglers. :slight_smile:

And if anyone has a favorite spot in other places… let us know, ya?

Thanks again Tyc00n

20 people!! well I think Shilin is the place because its famous for it. They’ve got at least half a dozen on the same road (but i forget the exact place), its kind of in the foothills, they have great facilities, and u can buy heaps of other meals to complement your catch. Normally the deal is that it becomes cheaper the longer u do it, but 20 people = bargaining power in my opinion, so u should be able to pull a deal. Generally tho, unless the guys are really good, you’ll need 3 hours each (at least) to get adequately wasted on 50 NT Heinekens and catch enough shrimp to make a meal out of it.

The best Shrimpin’ hole in Taipei

        -I'd say it was under Sandman's Kilt.

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”]The best Shrimpin’ hole in Taipei

        -I'd say it was under Sandman's Kilt.[/quote]


Can anyone give me address for shrimp fishing pool in Taipei especially Shilin one?


If you use the other fairly-well-known definition of “shrimping”, the above conversation is very funny.

I think if you look just under his avatar it says “that little resort area of Bitan” or somesuch.

edit: or used to, back when he still wore a kilt.

Y’all can just keep your sweaty wee shrimps away from my hole, thanks.

[quote=“YaKu”]Can anyone give me address for shrimp fishing pool in Taipei especially Shilin one?

If you take the road that goes past the National Palace Museum, you will start to see a bunch of them.

ZhiShan Road perhaps? on the left at the second traffic lights after the palace museum (not counting the lights AT the Museum and the convenience store there). do a U turn at the lights and park in front of the restaurants. from memory, the restaurant at the upper end of the group there is expensive and not worth it. the prawn ‘fishing’ joints may be a bit more reasonable, but look a tad seedy.

i believe it is zhi shan road. that’s the road right before you go up yang ming mountain. go up about 10 min. or so and you’ll see a row of them on your left. shrimping is the bomb.

That’s the one. There are a bunch of them on the opposite side of the road as you head up.

Shrimp is the fruit of the hole.

I remember once, somebody was telling me about a place in Taichung that was not only a shrimp-fishing place, but they also had sexy pole dancers. I wonder where that place is.

It sounds pretty taike to me… but there again, I’m hardly proud.

Not much of a gig, though. You’d get cold, and you’d smell of shrimp.

You make that sound like its a bad thing.