The best things in the world ARE in Japan

I heard Japanese is really Aiguo (patriotic). A friend of mine told me that the best things in the world are in Japan. Japan borrows or takes the best of everything from all over the world and makes them better. (Just like phillips did :slight_smile:) but they’re dutch :slight_smile:

Heard their rice is the best, their bread and wine is the best.

Have you guys any experience in Japan? I’d like to hear comments…


I’m guessing your friend is Japanese. :unamused: What a ridiculous pissing contest to get into.

Anyhow, everybody knows the best things in life are free, and since it is also common knowledge that things in Japan are very expensive, it stands to reason that they are therefore not even close to being “the best”. :sunglasses:

Is the biggest jam doughnut in the world in Japan ?
If not, then the best thing in the world is not in Japan

Tell your friend that the best mens tennis player, world rugby team, world one day and test cricket team, womens hockey team and sheep are all from Aus. There’s a start :wink: I thought it was common knowledge.

The U.S. has some of the world’s best nature reserves. Most of Alaska, for example.

In Japan, “taking a hike” means walking up a manicured trail and listening to artificial birdsongs being played on hidden speakers alongside. Yakitori vendors line the way.

I don’t know about Japan itself, but I long ago developed a rule about Japanese consumer products, from food to you name it, anything japanese is good

Where can I get the best chicken fried steak? How about hash browns and gravy? Are there many Okies in Japan that know how to make those?

But have I lived there before?
Therefore, Japan cannot be the best country.

I taught on the JET program and among the teachers I taught with in Japan, patriotism seems to have been the last thing on the agenda.

We had a sports day that required a team of students to carry the national flag through the playing field, raise it and sing the Kimi Gaiyo(sp?), the Japanese national anthem. During practice the students kept dropping the corners of the flag, had no idea what to do with it once they got to the pole and didn’t know the words to the national anthem. The teacher’s response? Give me a tape of the song and have me spend many a boring hour having them sing along with it; I spoke little Japanese and I’ve no idea what they were singing…they could have been singing Bob Dylan covers for all I know.

Let’s not confuse patriotism with chauvinism, which I think all cultures are very good at.

So the best cars in the world are made in Japan? :?

Well, in any case I would vote for Taiwan.

I never realised how uncomfortable I am in confined spaces until I lived in Japan.