The best unlimited data plan

Taiwan Mobile still has 3G

Oh damn. So actually Taiwan mobile is best? Best reception in the mountains, and real unlimited. Chunghwa only better for max speed in cities?

Maybe! Not many of us live in rural areas so it’s hard to say.

If you want, you can acquire a bunch of sim cards when you get out of prison quarantine. Some companies offer a couple of weeks or more for free for testing. Check all the stores.

I remain a staunch supporter of Circles.Life, especially for us foreigners :grin: And they use Chunghwa’s line. They even give a discount on the monthly fee if you use less than a certain amount of GB from your unlimited plan. Awesome :rofl: :rofl:

最有彈性的上網吃到飽 | 無框行動 ( Not getting any commission on this link, just a happy customer since my Singapore years :crazy_face:

How long is the contract for Circles.Life? I can’t seem to find that detail on their website (using Google Translate).

The good thing about Circles.Life, same as in Singapore, is that it works like a contract plan without the burden of serving a minimum period, etc. You can deactivate your plan and number any time before the last day of the month and you will only be charged for that last month.

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