The Best Way to See Taiwan’s Rugged Coast Is Slowly—and on a Bike

That tag is for you @tango42 . Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you :wink:

It’s interesting how the writer talks about all the food he eats, but never really gives feedback about how they taste. Makes me wonder if he liked the aboriginal cuisine or not.

I think what amazes me most is that these visitors from the US and Europe have zero mandarin abilities, aren’t afraid they cannot speak the language and can still have a great time. Personally, that’s one of my biggest fears, not being able to successfully communicate my message to the person I’m speaking to. Despite planning to go to Japan at the end of the year for the Tour of Okinawa with a group of friends, still a bit nervous about not being able to speak Japanese.

I’ve read countless blog posts and articles about cycling the east coast and yet…I have not made the journey myself, gotta do this.



Okinawa is not the same as the rest of Japan… Don’t sweat the no-language part, heaps of English support in Okinawa.

and Tour of Okinawa? Bring a raincoat. November weather can be varied…

you’ll have to hit me up when you come, i can show you some good roads around here.

How about writing or typing out Chinese characters?

Wuh? What do you mean?

I write Chinese characters on my work monitor all the time. It has yet to show up on my replies. I don’t know what the issue is.

I’'ve been to Okinawa earlier this year. With a bit of English and Chinese you’ll be fine basically everywhere. My wife and I don’t speak a word of Japanese and in a week or so we’ve had 0 issues even in small restaurants in the middle of nowhere.


I mean for communication with the locals!