The "Best" Yoga Instructional DVD (for me)

I want to get a yoga DVD to aid in strength and felxibility to my upper and lower body. Relaxation and all the spiritual jazz is cool too, but I’m mostly concerned with strength and flexibility.

I don’t know enough terminology to effectively search this one myself on Google. I’ve already run into about 8 different Yoga styles.

I do know that certain kinds of yoga seem to put a lot of (I think) unnecessary stress on the joints. I don’t want that style. I want something that will compliment my stretching routine.

Any and all advice/opinions are welcome.

I’ve done several kinds, I suggest ashtanga primary series, it is very good for strength as well as flexibility. Also it is a set series, that you can find online. (so easy to do at home) If you wanna be sneaky about it you can go to the yoga places in Taipei and ask for a free trial (most will do it, but not Space) and make sure you go to Ashtanga 2, which is the full primary series. They will correct the postures for you and then you can easily do it at home. Plus there are video’s available, or you can ask a friend who is into yoga and they can show you how to do the postures.
Also there are multiple levels for all of the poses, it is in no way needed to do the most difficult and crazy ones they show there is always a simpler version that is equally effective.

Obviously there are many sites on this. And for what you seem to be looking for I believe that ashtanga will work very well for you… you can cut out bits and pieces if they don’t suit your purpose, but don’t tell any yogi’s I said that :wink: