The Biden Family's VERY OWN Investigation Thread

Billy got worse treatment than Hunter from Congress, and he was the president’s brother.
My dad bought some Billy Beer. Nothing special.

In late 1978 and early 1979, Billy Carter visited Libya three times with a contingent from Georgia. He eventually registered as a foreign agent of the Libyan government and received a $220,000 loan. (Edwin P. Wilson claimed he had seen a telegram showing that Libya paid Billy Carter $2 million.[7]) This led to a Senate hearing on alleged influence peddling which the press named Billygate.[8] A Senate sub-committee was called To Investigate Activities of Individuals Representing Interests of Foreign Governments (Billy Carter—Libya Investigation) . On August 4, 1980, President Jimmy Carter wrote: "I am deeply concerned that Billy has received funds from Libya and that he may be under obligation to Libya. These facts will govern my relationship with Billy as long as I am president. Billy has had no influence on U.S. policy or actions concerning Libya in the past, and he will have no influence in the future.

Truly more innocent times…


The audio files have arrived:

Nope. No Russian hoax here.
Maybe days away until Hunter is outed as the real pee-tape man.

This stuff is pretty uncomfortable to read but it still doesn’t seem like anything more than Hunter being spoiled and high. At this point I feel like if there were anything further that actually implicated Joe in some kind of corruption, it would probably have come out.

It’s a fart in a gale force wind blowing away from his dad. It should have been further sniffed out by the keyboard Sherlocks, but meh.

New single just dropped… :musical_note:

The rapsters will bring it all to light in their own way of musical production.

It is shocking that this is getting next to zero coverage. How powerful is Joe Biden? I mean he’s getting some Hedy Lamar action there and no one cares? There’s some chick I’ve never heard of bitching about men bitching about her nubs Because she wore a see through dress this weekend. Big news!!!

Biden’s kid is smoking crack and getting blown and no one on the left looks? :laughing: must have got their sidewalk stamina in San Francisco ignoring the homeless druggies.

I wish I could agree, but it’s not shocking to me at all. Most major media outlets have become propaganda organs for the Democratic Party.

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As much as I simply don’t want to believe that is true… what explains it?! The lappy is real, and that’s Biden’s Achilles heel.


Sky News

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It’s all pretty telling

Is it, beyond the specific allegations we’ve known for months (years)?

It’s really pathetic that people don’t see how corrupt the government and leaders are.

The Russia collusion hoax wasn’t enough for you to see things for what they are?

Hillary and her private mail server wasn’t enough? James Comey?

Some people were born stupid and nothing can be done for them. Really unfortunate.

So … Nothing new in Hunters umpteenth needy emotional ramblings, right?

Joe’s emails to Hunter. Joe paying Hunters hooker tab via the Secret Service , but that’s been out a while.

But, still nothing, right? :roll_eyes:

I’ll give Tuckers clip a watch but I bet he didn’t even mention the biggest one, half a million dollar investment by Hunters investment firm in a bio firm called Metabiota with links to the Wuhan lab and Peter Daszaks EcoHealth Alliance specializing in studying infectious diseases out of Ukraine who were getting contracts from the US government while Joe Biden was VP and listed as a one of the main reasons by the Russians for invading Ukraine.

Not that it is illegal to invest in a bio research firm operating out of Ukraine but considering the entire planet just went though 2 1/2 years of lockdowns due to the Coronavirus and now are on the brink of WWIII in no small part because of Russias claims the US is operating biolabs in Ukraine.

You think someone might cover the story, maybe ask one or two questions to find out what was going on.

Can’t cover it, because that story is covered in a blue and yellow flag that people like to hang in their house/car windows, from buildings, on lapels, etc. Untouchable.

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I agree it’s untouchable, for that and some other reasons, I’m of the thinking Tuckers segment is working up the courage to touch on it.

Maybe I missed the secret service part in the post I was replying to. It just seemed like more druggie soap opera to me. Fine as tabloid interest stories I guess, and my reaction to it is probably partly personal – I’ve known addicts exactly like that, complete with the family support-slash-enablement, and it sucks.

I just don’t think it particularly ties into the corruption stuff. If anything it might distract from it, making it look like a character assassination.