The Biden Family's VERY OWN Investigation Thread

as ole Joe likes to admit… they’re from Scranton, PA

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Trump had months and months to have his team conduct a search (and claimed they did, sooo, so much for that) and turn over documents (via a patsy lawyer because… gee, why would the real lawyers do it? cmon.); if they had, there wouldn’t have been a raid.

Jonathan Turley reached many of the same conclusions as the article @jdsmith linked. As he notes the double standard and allowing Bidens own lawyers who lacked security clearance to read the documents to conduct the searches out of what seems a good will effort to handle the Biden case with kid gloves will open up accusations they themselves allowed for mishandling of classified documents.

How’s there a double standard, when Trump’s lawyers went through his files as well?

It’s in the article.

  1. Trump claims his documents were declassified by him, that he had allowed officials to inspect them and they had told him to put a lock on the room and he considers he was in good faith negotiations when they raided him. Biden makes no claim the documents were not classified nor that he had the right to have them.

  2. By not even accompanying Bidens lawyers, especially after the first batch were found they failed to preserve the state in which the documents were stored, allowed the site of Trumps documents to be subjected to a photo shoot which would then be leaked to the press for political purposes right before the mid terms while allowing the Biden documents to escape such exposure in the press and the discovery wouldn’t be brought up in the media until two months after the mid terms.

Still not hypocritical / no double standard as they didn’t accompany Trump’s lawyers either. The entirety of point 2 is after months of Trump’s team not turning over documents, supposedly doing their own search, and having access to the docs and the doj not preserving the state in which the docs were stored.

We will agree to disagree for reasons I pointed out and other reasons explained in the article posted by @jdsmith as well as myself. Not really interested to go around in circles discussing what should be obvious.

Indeed, it should have been obvious within about 5 minutes of Trumps 2016 win that the DOJ/FBI wanted rid of Trump and still do. I would say after 6 years if a person can’t see that by this point they are more than likely clinically blind.

But that’s ok, I am not here to complain, just to point out what is observable. Nor am I picking an outcome I desire and then trying to twist the facts to meet that outcome, I will lay the facts out as they are and let the cards fall where they may.


That’s pretty much how I see Trump’s side of things. His “I waved my hand and made them declassified” claim is absurd.

Biden’s stuff was in a garage, and left in an office for YEARS unattended.

One would think the DOJ and FBI would be somewhat interested in who had or might have had access to them.

It’s pretty clear there’s a double standard in how the missing docs for both fellas have been seem registered and acted upon. Starting with team Biden’s vile pre-midterm lack of transparency.

they should appoint a special counsel or something.

trump had an opportunity to do what Biden did. but didn’t. the only reason trump was raided was lack of cooperation on stuff that the govt was pretty sure he had. that wasn’t the case (either lack of cooperation, or govt knowledge), that we know of, in the Biden case. how’s that a double standard on there part of DOJ?

Hope it’s an Asian guy.

In light of all that, it seems plausible, as some are now speculating, that the keepers of secrets in the U.S. security agencies have turned on Biden and are using the classified document scandal to kneecap him before the 2024 election. But as Lee Smith argues, the evidence available so far, limited as it is, suggests a cover-up more than a coup. Smith points to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of Robert Hur as the special counsel investigating Biden’s handling of the documents. Hur, writes Smith, “is a protégé of Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general under Trump who reportedly offered to wear a wire to spy on the previous president.” In other words, despite being a Republican, Hur is connected to the apparatus of secrecy. If there is, in fact, a cover-up, Biden may not be its main beneficiary.

But a cover-up for what? Perhaps it’s related to the Justice Department’s efforts to “prevent disclosure of 400 pages of sensitive documents on Hunter and Jim Biden’s dealings with China, Russia and Ukraine—by pretending they don’t exist,” as the Daily Mail has reported. We’re back at the original question of what Biden’s lawyers were looking for in the first place. Try to understand what your own government is up to, and you wind up like a dog chasing its own tail. Or maybe just sniffing it.

Wherever the truth lies in the Biden case, it’s obvious that administrative secrecy is routinely used as a veto on democracy and the rule of law. The same opaque network of bureaucrats and security officials who still have not explained to the public why they raided Trump’s compound can’t be expected to play it straight now. Being transparent with the public might put them out of business.



Six additional items, including documents with classified markings, were found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home after Department of Justice officials searched the residence Friday, the president’s personal attorney said Saturday.

The search was prompted by the White House, not the Justice Department, according to a White House official and a source familiar with the matter.

Huh, how come there’s no speculation about what the documents pertain to, hmm? Nuke codes? Internal docs on Japan, Russia nor Taiwan? Ukraine for sure.

White House Chief of Staff is out.

because it’s not as interesting when people are being accountable and saying, hey, come search (vs fighting the system). This one was done by the FBI btw.

Is this you going on the record that Biden and team Biden have been accountable?

OK. Good to know. I’d go with incompetent and dismissive, now and duplicitous when they kept mum about the first ones in November, and also the NEED to go and check came from somewhere. Why, all the sudden, right just before the midterms, did team Biden decide to give the old PennBiden Center the once over?

Fourth time is the charm. They should have taken lead after the second location had been announced.

From the layman’s POV.

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in this aspect, so far, from what we know.

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