The Biden Presidency

Yeah, you’re right. He said it. It’s interesting, some transcripts removed things like “I’m her husband” and omitted asides he made, but got that line about the Civil War correct. Politico got the asides, but doesn’t have reference to the Bible or the Civil War. No idea what’s going on.


As I stand here tonight — just one day shy of the 100th day of my administration. 100 days since I took the oath of office, lifted my hand off our family Bible, and inherited a nation in crisis.

The worst pandemic in a century. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

The full text of his prepared speech below was released by the White House.

Ah someone must have told him it was stupid. OK, seems like he took it out perhaps.

Perhaps they got different earlier versions of the speech and made mistakes in updating it to what it actually was.

To be fair, the Politico one says “transcript highlights.”

He says it around the 15 min mark. Prompted.

Edit I see @Mithrandir beat me to it.

The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

Lol. Check out Abraham Biden. They do stuff regular that would take you days to list, but a couple hundred cops could have totally sorted this incredible gift to the Dems errr “attack on our democracy”.


Yeah, Im watching Biden back to the same old FISA abuse and going after political enemies of the Washington State apparatus, at some point will will be calling them dissidents and wondering how different to the KGB the FBI really are.

Rudy Giuliani just got raided on the now convenient process crime that only enemies of the Democrats get charged with, a FARA violation. Of course the real reason is most likely he asked questions about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in Ukraine and elsewhere. Lincon project apparently were leaked the deatials much the same as CNN were leaked the details of the Roger Stone raid ahead of time (also for a process crime that no one other than Trump friendly types get prosecuted for).

Mary McCord who was at the center of the FISA abuse just had Presiding Judge James Boasberg, hired former DOJ National Security Division head, Mary McCord , as amici curiae advisor to the court. So it seems the FISA courts don’t care much about the abuse.

Plus in other news off the top of my head the Post office has a team scouring extremist content online, which likely just means enemies of the state or anyone who supported Trump or says something mean about Joe Biden. The “extremists” will no doubt be on the receiving end of FISA abuse where they will dig into their terrorist emails and communications in an effort to find something to prosecute them for.


Lower score than Trump… :thinking:

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Interview with Michael Cohen commenting on the raid on Rudy Guiliani, which interestingly I stopped over at reddit and a few other places and most people are cheering this on.

Basically outlining now they have seized all Guiliani’s communications under a single instance of a FARA violation that Guilani disputes, they will dig into everything Guilani has said to anyone for years, Trump, Kushner, Ivanka looking to see if they can find some violation of the law.

They will find stuff and they will force Guiliani to turn on Trump and he will turn on Trump because they are all powerful, is basically what he says.

I don’t think that’s how the law is supposed to work though, looks more like law enforcement is being used as muscle for a mafia like corrupt establishment who would crush anyone who would question or challenge their authority.


I’m not surprised at all that they would show a poll with Biden having worse performance than Bush/Obama/Trump while writing “very positive reaction to first speech to congress”.

Really direct attacks on democracy they do on the regular? Like what?

I would agree that voter suppression and efforts to limit the vote are attacks on democracy. But I think he is referring to violent insurrection which is practically unheard of. I tried to find other times in history that were a threat to democracy. And the most common is the rise of fascism in 1930s. That was an ideological threat. We have both an ideological threat and the threat of violence as shown by the rise in right wing terrorism. Perhaps you could argue the bombing of wall street in 1920 or the OKC bombing in 1994, but those weren’t direct attacks on the seat of government.

I find downplaying the attack on the capitol the most disturbing. This is a common perception from non-Americans colleagues and friends on the outside looking in as well. How can we downplay this as a political gift to Dems? Cops didn’t do anything obviously, one of the reasons that it’s disturbing. The fact that downplaying the insurrection somehow demonstrates how non-partisan/woke/fair and balanced you are is disheartening. The envelope of what is acceptable keeps getting pushed further and further towards far right extremism.


wrong thread

You seem to want to make this about what you are defining as “direct” and I guess physical attacks on some location identified with “our democracy”, but Biden didn’t say that. He said “attack on our democracy”, which is what I’m talking about. That seems like an important logical issue here worth mentioning before I say anything else.

Sure and there’s a laundry list of other corruption and manipulation from our hypocritical political leaders that is likewise being ignored if we’re talking about an “attack on our democracy”.

He didn’t say that and I wasn’t talking about it specifically.

I mean, yeah, fascist nations declared war on us so those to my way of thinking were far more clearly an “attack on our democracy” than even the Civil War, which can clearly be understood as an attack on the integrity of the union among all the States and not very clearly as against our democracy.

I wasn’t talking about this kind of stuff.

I’m not surprised. The Democrats seem intent on cynically milking it for the last drop of advantage possible, and many seem more than amenable to it.

Sorry? What perception exactly?

You don’t have to. I’m saying it clearly was as a matter of fact. Who is benefiting from it and who is losing, politically?

Oh they did something. Surely I don’t need to remind you. The overall preparation for the event is indeed disturbing, but what does that tell us?

Does it? To who? I’m just expressing my opinion about the events that occurred. I think you’re reading more into it than is there. It may demonstrate more about your mindset than mine :2cents:

lol. Extremism certainly. When did that begin exactly? The cops could have easily stopped this without loss of life with a little better preparation, which is more than can probably be said about other extremist rioting we saw this year, and way way more than other attacks on our democracy which I have referenced above.


He meant internal attacks.

I’m sure he did, but I was responding to @Malasang88 there.

You seem to take a broad definition of attack on democracy. Anything could be an attack on democracy they way you present it, but in the context of Biden’s speech and the historical context, a violence attack against the seat of government would be a more appropriate definition - hence my historical examples.

Pick any event and someone benefits. That doesn’t make a violent mob set on hanging the vice president and believing a lie about election fraud any less abhorrent.

The storming of the capitol was a terrible stain on our history, and it’s shocking that there are those that would downplay it.

Would this extremist rioting you’re referring to also be endorsed by the heads of government? That sounds like false equivalence.

I appreciate your opinion. But playing the both sides same-same they’re all corrupt game is the new woke. As the GOP descends into absolute insanity, this game becomes more obvious for what is. The other side is benefiting because they should. Thats why they won.

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No, I’m just defining it as an attack on democracy. If Biden wanted to be more specific, he should have. I’m talking about what he said.

That’s absurd.

Or the Dems any less willing to cynically milk every last drop of political capital out of it.

Well, this kind of exaggeration isn’t helpful in my opinion. I’ve seen it happening from day one and said so from then. I would be happy to discuss it with anyone.

Congratulations, if you arbitrarily bring up a false condition as you are doing here, you can swing anything the way you want to.

Well, it all seems to fit into a neat box for you which accords with your preferences. Congratulations again, I guess. I’ll continue to point out what I see as the obvious absurdity in Biden’s statement myself.

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I’m not alone by the way; it’s pretty glaring. I was amused to see this commentary this morning on the same tack

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Internally? Yep, there’s a long list that the writer notes: Jim Crow, the Patriot Act, J Edgar Hoover and the FBI (in their attacks on the Civil Rights movement and the antiwar movements, (both Vietnam and Iraq) , the Red Scare, the Sedition Act (directed against immigrants, anarchists, and communists), Japanese internment. (I wouldn’t include Trump’s impeachment (or Clinton’s, which he forgot to mention), as the process is explicitly laid out in the Constitution.) He also missed the KKK, but maybe that’s included in the attacks on civil rights.
OTOH, none of those included occupying the Capitol or waving treasonous flags therein.
Still, it’s nice to see right-wingers getting on board with what lefties have been complaining about for years, instead of being the ones putting the boots in.

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