The Biden Presidency

Here we go again. Newsmax broadcaster, too ignorant to understand how dandelions work, slags Joe Biden for picking flower.

“Folks, I want you to take a look a this. Joe Biden today getting on Marine One and he stops and picks up… I think it’s a dandelion, but it’s a dandelion that hasn’t even blossomed into a flower yet.

In the unlikely event that anybody here is as stupid as a Newsmax anchor, dandelions go to seed after they flower, not before.

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Newsmax also reached a settlement and apologized for lying about Dominion altering the election results (hint, hint).

What an absurd thing to be talking about, who cares?

On a side note, seems Biden is banning travel from India, unlike Trumps ban on people arriving from China the media isn’t apoplectic and the Republicans don’t seem to be shouting “racist” from the rooftops (not that they should be) see here Maybe there will be video’s of Ted Cruz going to the local Indian restaurant and telling everyone to order their favorite curry.

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It certainly is. The non-existent Biden ban on beef, the non-existent ‘reveal’ of Israeli secrets., the bogus story on Kamala Harris’s book that caused the NY Post reporter to resign, and now Newsmax comes up with this. Though you’re correct; you can’t expect more than absurd nonsense from Newsmax, the NY Post, the Daily Mail, Fox News or the right-wing in general.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently requires that all U.S.-bound air travelers have proof of a negative Covid-19 test result no more than three days before arrival, regardless of vaccination status. Travelers are then required to take another test three to five days following their arrival in the U.S. and to self-quarantine

.You must have missed that part. IIRC Trump didn’t require any tests, do any follow up, or require any quarantine- but other than being totally different, it’s exactly the same.

No I got it, Taiwan banned flights in at about the same time, Tsai In Wen didn’t go to a Beijing Duck shop.

I get it, the USA still allowed Americans from China to go back to USA and so did Taiwan, it was normal and appropriate.

The loss of mind of those in the US over all this, that’s on them.

Ha ha. Cannot fact check the fact checkers?:

But they do have to scale back due to not enough work. Unlike anyone checking your posts.


After Trump was no longer president, they probably had to lay off many of their fact-checkers. See, Biden is destroying jobs!

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Great, I look forward to them exposing Beijing Biden’s facts. Won’t happen though, bar the odd token entry to try and make them appear impartial.

Answer me one question, because I’d like to take your post seriously: WHY would the Washington Post cover for Biden, or intentionally try to damage Trump? I’ve asked this about 50 times and there is never an answer that makes sense. Why would they do that?

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The MSM and their ilk support Beijing Biden and the agenda he is carrying out.
I am waiting for them to attack Beijing Biden on his obvious racist decision to ban Indians:

Biden to ban flights from India to the United States.

Biden said that Trump had a “record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering,” at the time the former president announced travel restrictions from China.
The media won’t go near Biden.
It looks like you think Trump was lauded for the last 5 years. Have you been living in the hills with Pol Pot?
Following Saul Alisnsky’s Rules for Radicals rule 12 where the goal was to target an individual and create an Emmanuel Goldstein figure - that was Trump. Now the savior Beijing Biden offers a ‘green new deal’ which will benefit China as China controls the resources to run it. China can turn it off whenever they want to. The US and everywhere that will follow the green agenda will be fu cked.
The media is onboard.

Makes sense