The Biden Presidency

I’d love for CNN to point out just one bit of competence from Biden as president.

Ransomware attacsk - Nope
Border - Nope
Gun crime - Nope
Racist attacks on Asians - Nope
Vaccine - Middle of the road.

He doesn’t perv on young girls in the Oval Office.

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That we know of…yet…

Ew reminds me of Bill Clinton

Yeah, he finally stopped that and pervs on them in photo shoots outside of the Oval Office.

Most pathetic and useless administration!


When even CNN turns on you… :astonished:

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“He’s still sleeping”. 53k+ likes

Joe Biden being able ride a bike shows that he is too unfit to be president.
Donald Trump being too out-of-shape to walk 100 yards with the other G7 leaders and having to ride golf cart.showed how how fit he was.

The guys approval rating is dropping and the networks are doing puff pieces on him to try and boost his ratings, CNN was just on blowing smoke up his ass regarding what a good job he is doing wrt China.

Meh, I’m not going to lay into Biden unnecessarily but these bike trips are photo opportunities. He’s still not answering questions, the press still get’s shooed away, so back to a more insulated Biden you can take photos from afar but not ask anything.

Fewer than half of Americans think that Biden is mentally fit to effectively serve as President. Question 12:

To be fair, I’m sure the speeches were boring af…

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Well, he was right on all 3 to be fair.

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Biden’s not senile?

Thanks Joe.

Job growth accelerated at a much faster pace than expected in June, indicating that the main pillar of the U.S. economy remains strong despite pockets of weakness.

Nonfarm payrolls increased 372,000 in the month, better than the 250,000 Dow Jones estimate and continuing what has been a strong year for job growth, according to data Friday from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The unemployment rate was 3.6%, unchanged from May and in line with estimates. An alternative measure of unemployment that includes discouraged workers and those holding part-time jobs for economic reasons fell sharply, dropping to 6.7% from 7.1%.

For those interested data from BLS