The birds are eating my herbs!

At first I thought it was butterflies, until I caught the feathered friends in the act.

They’ve munched their way through most of the lime mint, and now they’ve taken a liking to the lavender. Someone suggested tobacco leaves might keep them at bay, but that didn’t work. Now I’m trying spraying the plants with red chili pepper in water. Any ideas on effective natural “birdicides”. I suppose I could put a net over the plants, but that’s a last resort.

Not natural, but a gun would do. :laughing:

Ok, how about something moving? Just a string with some paper or similar at the end, moving in the wind could do the trick …

Maybe Gavin Januarus will lend you the strawman that he’s been using as an argument to criticize the US war in Iraq… :wink:

You’ve lost some herbs but you’ve gained some birds - Swings and roundabouts.

Go to this Wednesday’s Forumosa meet and see who has the worst effect on the local “birds”. :laughing: