The Bland Thread

Just thought I’d start a thread where we can post inconsequential, inane things.

Here’s a picture of me and my banal kitten:

So you mean the nine million threads that already exist are not for meaningless stuff?

Maybe the mods can do a merge? :ponder:

Here’s a nice picture of me looking cherubic:

If you want Bland, eat Blanc Mange:

I’m going to retire now. There’s no way on earth that I could possibly out-banal you, Charlie Phillips. Legendary. :bravo:

My horse broke stride again.

I just can’t quit you.

Here is a picture of vegetarianb dumplings I had for dinner some time last week.

Banal is just another way of saying b. anal.

My herpes has flared up again.
When I pick the scabs I will post some photos.

I do hope you use the proper f-stop and aperture settings. Automatic digital cameras just don’t do scabs justice.

My hair hurts.