The booklet Taiwan police sign on their rounds

I’ve noticed that the police in Taiwan stop to sign a booklet on their rounds as the patrol the streets. What is it called and is there anything I can read up on it. I’m thinking of implementing a similar system in my neighborhood watch. (I’m no longer in Taiwan). Thanks

i used to like writing random comments in it when no one was looking.

Normally late at night, on my way home from the pub.

I sure hope they can’t read Polish, or they would have angry as well as confused.

Like “Mwahaha, you’ll never catch me! The Phantom Defecator strikes again!”

I have only looked at one. All I saw was spaces/lines where the police officer wrote date, time and signed his signature.

I regret opening the box as ants had their nest in it. Well, no one had signed for over one year…I am not surprised as is on a lonely road in the countryside.

They spend three years learning how to sign that book. That and pocketing red envelopes are the only two skills needed to be a cop here.