The British Royal Family thread

Pure class :laughing:

One wonders why he would bother giving money to some doddering old fool who occasionally says something anodyne on TV, though. I mean what was the point? Does Charlie really have that many strings at his disposal for pulling? And would a Sheikh with loads of cash to throw around really need them pulling?

I get the feeling these people just hand out cash at random because they’ve got so much of it they’re at a loss to know what to do with it.

Maybe high-class money-laundering, ha ha. Who knows. Maybe will end up supporting Randy Andy and his income problems.

That was my first thought. It wasn’t a bribe, it was some workaround for financial laws in his home country.

Randy Andy’s been bankrolled by dodgy sheikhs for decades.

Has he? Again … I’m wondering why on earth they’d do that. Doesn’t help their reputation as sleazeballs, does it?

They sorted Trump out as well.

There might be method to their madness, or as you say perhaps they have so much money they don’t know what else to do with it.

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I didn’t know that. Perhaps just the birds-of-a-feather effect :man_shrugging:

My dad - who grew up well-to-do in a third-world shithole - was always giving “gifts” to those of slightly higher status, as was everybody else. There was a constant blizzard of emoluments in those circles. He never explained to me what the purpose was. I don’t think he even knew. It was just something that people did.

Who bought all his shit when he went bankrupt?

Ah, there’s the thing. In part it sustains itself because people at the same level as you, and people below you are giving you gifts (so, obviously, it’s the people at the bottom of the pile who go bankrupt first). But you’re right - he’s ended his days with nothing to show for it all, the family property has been frittered away, and the people who received those gifts aren’t giving anything back.

It merely occurred to me that perhaps sheikhs give money to random passing princes because that’s just one of those things that sheikhs do. It’s “culture”.

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It’s a level of giving red envelopes that goes beyond common people’s rational understanding.


Prince Charles could end the Royal Family.

Nobody likes him much anyway, now he’s decided to start pandering to the woke, legbeard crowd who hate the Royal Family

Which, all that’s going to do is eat away at his remaining support–who tend to be middle aged and older and conservative.

Pander as much as he like, the woke legbeards are never going to support him.

Huh. Good for Charles. Actually doing something positive.

And wow, “woke legbeard” is an obnoxious phrase.

First time I’d heard ‘legbeard’. Very evocative word. Thing is, though, if people don’t want to be called ‘woke legbeards’ then the solution is simple: don’t espouse bizarre beliefs that make it impossible for ordinary people to interact with you, and don’t abuse your body to the point where it becomes enormous and hairy.

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I thought legbeards would be granola chicks who don’t shave their legs. Hence, the name, legbeards.

Yeah, I’m taking it as the latest permutation on feminazi. These terms get recycled.

That’s why I use it.

By the obnoxious hatred people spout ye shall know them, I suppose.

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I hope they do and have the grace the Queen did!