"The Budge"

Do you get it?

I haven’t been in taiwan for very long but this has happened to me at least 4 times:

I’m standing in some convenience store, waiting in line with my juice and rice triangle, ever so obviously (not looking at the magazines or anything). Just as I’m about to lay my items on the counter and pay… some dude or dudette, young or old, pushes right in front of me, invading my personal space, and slaps their items onto the counter. The cashier starts ringing in their things as if I’m invisible.

I just remember that I’m a princess and wait the extra 20 seconds or whatever, no big deal, probably some sort of ego game. Or maybe they’re all in a real hurry. Maybe they all have diabetes and need their sugar fix.

It puzzles me though.


Yeah Christie, me too, but usually the checkout chick or bloke are on to it straight away and tell the ‘pusherinner’ so. I fine sarcasm quite an effective measure too, “it’s ok, you first”. I haven’t come across somebody who hasn’t been embarressed by that yet.