The Carrefour 2020 Thread

Seriously?!? It’s happening this year? : o


Yeah I got some this week. The skippy natural one was the same price

I’m excited. Jason’s has been going downhill for years. They don’t even stock powered gravies anymore, for example.
This carrefour premium store will likely carry new products

Look, all I can do is speak from personal experience… the Carrefours near me suck. Especially the beer selection. It’s all above average, but boring and generic Belgian beers like Hoegaarden or that one with the monk on the label… which granted are still much better than the dreadful Family Mart shit like Heineken and (the imaginatively named) Taiwan Beer… but it still falls short of the wide range of American craft IPAs and Pale Ales I see at my local Jason’s. I’m rambling a bit. Anyway, point is there’s a lot Jason’s has that Carrefours doesn’t (and yes, vice versa too), so it’ll be a shame to lose all that great Jason’s only stock.


I agree with this, especially when I contrast what Jason buys with their high-end competitor CitySuper. We’ll basically have less choices. : (


Carrefour’s have great beers and they Carrefour markets tailor their assortment for the market

Carrefour will also be able to important more premium products now

Everyone keeps saying this, but there’s 3 Carrefours in my vicinity and they all suck. Maybe it’s just Carrefours in Kaohsiung that aren’t great?

Ahh, I don’t drink those fancy beers. I like Japanese beer so the 711 and PX Mart selection suits me just fine

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Nope. I go to Xindian and Ximenting. Nope nope.

In the past I went to the one in Tianmu. Now I just bite the bullet and do City Super.

What Carrefour doesn’t have anymore is their Big bottles of tonic water. Man they were awesome, one fifth of sugar of Schweppes, so can actually taste your gin and no need to have to sell a kidney to buy tonic tree. Was like 65 ntd for a liter bottle

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The Carrefour in Yilan is awesome, I hope it can pick up some of the stuff that Jasons sold too.

You can contact them and request they import whatever you want and they will do that for you. I’ve already requested powdered gravy and have been told it’s on the way!

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So with Jason’s and Wellcome being taken over … at the end of this year? Is that right? … is there anything worth grabbing on special at the moment? “Everything must go” sales at Taipei 101 or whatever? Do any of these Carrefour Premium places exist yet, and if so, do they have anything that’s otherwise tough to find?

The sale is moving forward. But according to the staff I chatted with at the still well-stocked Jason’s on Anhe Road in Taipei, they anticipate it will take a full two years to transition over into the Carrefour system. So at least for now it seems that the otherwise unavailable good stuff at Jason’s will remain available for a while longer.



I will have 5 Carrefour within a 5 minute walk of my house if this happens. I can’t see them keeping them all open.

In the upcoming 12 months, Carrefour plans to

  • convert the Wellcome stores to the Market banner
  • convert Jasons stores to a Carrefour premium banner.
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And Wellcomes?

With premium stinky tofu …

Someone else said it’s actually not this year, but in a couple years. A stay of execution for Jason’s.

That was me, based on what a worker at the Anhe Road Jason’s in Taipei told me—they expect the transition to take about two years to come into being. May be faster though…