The Carrefour 2021 Thread

Welcome didn’t sell US chlorinated washed Chicken.
Carrefour do main stock, I won’t buy it or US beef.

I personally thought Welcome more westernised than Carrefour, I preferred to shop there.

PX Mart is Covid-19 breeding ground.

They was Heinz in my local Carrefour, random stock I noticed.
Nobody bought them all as one of my previous postings told me, they was shite and Crosse & Blackwell was preferred brand.
I know you have not had opportunity to try Brandon baked beans, now they really are good.

It’s easier when there’s not a national emergency. You can pick a 3 hour block on any day you want as little as 2 days in advance.

Do they call it OK Mart anywhere outside of Taiwan? I only knew it as Circle K until I came here. Circle K, if you don’t already know, is a callback to the names of midwestern cattle ranches.

I guess so, but if there wasn’t a national emergency (and they hadn’t sent me some NT$100 off vouchers as a new user) I wouldn’t have bothered ordering at all. :upside_down_face:

Also, just noticed yesterday that they’d cancelled and refunded over a third of my order for items that had gone out of stock in the two weeks they’ve been “processing” it. Great stock management system.

So not really impressed overall - two weeks waiting for two-thirds of my order. Will probably just head to the store at some point instead.

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never heard of it until after i moved to Taiwan.

The Wellcome near me has now reopened as a Carrefour. Everything’s pretty much the same, except all the staff have been changed. Very odd. Some kind of contractual issue I guess.

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As you know, Carrefour took over all the Wellcomes and Jason’s in Taiwan.

It’s just a matter of how quickly they can convert existing stores over. There are a lot of them!


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No chip dip at this location with a couple isles of chips. No cheese dip, no salsa dip, no guacamole dip, no fake sour cream dip, nothing.

Like Cardi B with no WAP.

It may be teething problems, but I’m not impressed so far with the new Carrefour that replaced my local Wellcome. Lots of items are out of stock.


Me neither, especially since the Wellcefours aren’t open any later than other supermarkets at the moment. In fact, I’ve almost entirely switched my loyalty to PX Mart, which gives me the added thrill of internally raging at potentially plague-ridden people getting in my personal space.


I haven’t been to a supermarket since the plague took off, about two months ago. Today I had to order Carrefour online instead of PX Mart or Costco because what I needed is either there or City super or other places that bring Japanese imports.

Not as easy to order, not user friendly website. Let’s see how the delivery goes.

Interestingly, what I was looking for -like Kewpie mayo- is not available in my area through UberEats but yes directly.

Good luck with that - I wonder how much of your order will be fulfilled (it was two-thirds in my case).

Their stock management system sucks - if something is out of stock when you’re placing the order, you can’t add it to your basket, and if something is out of stock when they’re filling the order two weeks later, they remove it from your basket. Worst of both worlds… (You would have thought it’d be better to just let you order everything they currently stock and then remove them during fulfilment if necessary.)



I wonder if the stuff is eventually delivered or if they will also have a complicated money back policy.

They just refunded the missing amount to my payment card in my case (or, at least, they said they would - it occurs to me now that I didn’t actually check). I’d have preferred to have the actual items I ordered and waited 2 weeks for though, haha.

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And some of the items I do not know where else to buy. Some vendors are selling Kewpie on the internet. But Korean stuff is harder.

This is how it was run in the uk, also you could go back and edit your order later if you wanted, with a set time of delivery. They would always complain at Christmas as people would order one item as soon as the delivery slot opened, then go back and fill it up just before the deadline.

Back to Carrefour, my last few orders they phoned the wife with any changes (her number is on the account), even though I tick the box that says “change items that are not available”, she just agrees anyway as she never knows what I order.

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Shopping at Carrefour with 2 small kids. One having a mini tantrum. Trying to get checked out. Nobody in line. Asked to buy 2 bags for groceries. Clerk, clearly sees I’ve my hands full, tosses the bags at the end of the counter and doesn’t bag any of the groceries. Line starts to form as I try to bag as quickly as I can, kids still having a mini tantrum. Clerk starts ringing up next person and mixing their stuff with mine that still needs to be bagged.

I just scooped all my stuff up into the basket and bagged it at the car. Looked right at her as I left saying thanks for the help.

This isn’t the first time it has happened either.

The lack of decent customer service here is so irritating!!!


I wish they were more consistent - or had better training? - about that. Sometimes Carrefour’s clerks with me are fantastic: I’m doing my best to get stuff in bags (which can be difficult enough without having two kids along!), and they’ll help out, as just seems sensible, since no one else can go through until I’m out of the way. Other clerks, yeah, like what you describe here.


Next time, try to be specially slower and see how they react. It wouldn’t take 2 min for them to move their ass and help you bag.
Of course, it’s a hard thing to do when a kid is throwing a tantrum.


Carrefour Taiwan is on the market for 1.9 billion USD
They just bought Wellcome, nice strategy