The Casual Childlike Racism of Certain Taiwanese

Huh! Monkey’s just doing as the Romans do. I just had a stand up shouting match at work because they wouldn’t let me change the headline of their latest piece of deathly prose from “Liberian sentenced for theft” to “N1gger Busted for Stealing CD.”
Bunch of fucking racist retards. :imp: :imp: :imp: They’re such a bunch of fucking halfwits, they just cannot understand why singling out a single example of petty theft among the hundreds that are probably caught every day is wrong.

“Why are you covering a story about a shoplifter? What POSSIBLE news value does this have for a so-called national news agency?”

“Well, he’s a foreigner, you see.”

“And he’s black, too, isn’t he?”

“Yes, you see? That’s TWO reasons.”

Absofuckinglutely disgusting. Sometimes I really despise these twisted ignorant fuckwit hick crackers. :x :x :x :x

Actually, Sandman, good post old man, this Nigerian thing is rather interesting. Before I left Taiwan, I was hanging around Taipei fora few days, drinking in the memories so to speak, and at one little noodle stand along Linsen Road, I was joined at my table by a Nigerian lad. Named Johnson. I think this is the same Johnson the police are looking for. I hope not. He was very friendly, but he lied to me. He told me was from South Africa. Now I know a Nigerian accent when I hear one, and this man was 100% Nigerian. I don’t know if he was Ibo or Hausa, but he was from Nigeria. Very friendly, we got on well, over noodles and beer. He told me he was trying to break into TV shows here, and that he was looking for a teaching job. He even gave me his hotmail address, but guess what, it didn’t work when I emailed him the next day.

Turns out that some of these Nigerian blokes, maybe cousins of the Nigerian lads who email us every day with their great money scams, seems they come to Taiwan to launder money or do interesting con deals with unsuspecting locals. They often succeed. They say they got US money that was in a fire and needs to be cleaned and they need a deposit to clean the money and the then the local chap can get half as his loot. THis happened a few weeks ago, if I read the Net correctly. CNA reported it. The man’s accomplice was named Johnson. He is still at large. I think it it the same Johnson i met on Linsen North Road before I flew back to Nada.

What I dunno understand, is why do they come to Taiwan? Easy visa entry? Why not go to Japan, more money there, no?

Anyway, thanks for a good laugh, Sandman.

True enough. But this guy happened to be a refugee from Liberia who shoplifted a frigging CD. Hardly in the same league as a Nigerian international money scam. Still, he WAS a blackie, after all, so he must be just as bad as all those other Africans, right?

Taiwan has liasons offices with Nigeria and full diplomatic relations with Liberia. Dude was a Liberian refugee.
They really oughta watch their asses since they only have about 25 countries left. They certainly fucked up with Senegal and the football farce.
Where did he steal the CD from? FNAC? Then you can blame the French…

But what has this got to do with Michel and the Tavern?

The only story that could possibly trump that would be a mainlander lifting a CD. They’d be positively apoplectic. If he was black to boot there’d be dancing in the street.

As another story du jour was “LIBERIAN AMBASSADOR ASKS FOR HELP FOR REFUGEES,” there’s not much chance that no one from that county’s not going to notice L.W.'s other Liberia-related piece.

I got a similar non-story there once. The, ahem, “journalist” responsible made a point of saying “black foreigners” at every possible point, no matter how irrelevant. But of course they wouldn’t agree to kill the stupid story.

Between the crap news agency and those fossils at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it’s a wonder Taiwan has any allies left.

That’s why they call it the “duan4jiao1 bu4”

Gosh it would be a darn shame if Taiwan were to lose valuable allies such as Nigeria and Liberia and that ilk. I say kick them out and break diplomatic ties with them FIRST. What after all does Taiwan get out of the relationship? Good riddance to bad baggage.

Know what you mean about the inherent racism in printing that kind of article, but I also have run into several of our Nigerian “friends” about town and if there is anything remotely legal about them or anything that they are doing please let me know. Bad news.

Money talks, bullshit walks.

Have they taken Kwazulu, Venda and Bophutatswana out of the country codes section of the phone book yet?

Hint: If you don’t know what I’m talking about, note that these “countries” all have the same international dialing code as South Africa.

Edit: I just looked at the current Chunghwa Telecom yellow pages and yes, Bophutatswana, Ciskei, Transkei and Venda are still listed.

Hint: If you don’t know what I’m talking about, note that these “countries” …[/quote]

The problem is, that’s about how the PRC and most of the world look at Taiwan…