The cat came back....and it doesn't look good

I came home tonight to find Ditch Kitty outside my door again. I thought she was dead. It took much prodding to get a response from her.

I went to the local pet supply store and got a small cage, food, some kitty litter, and a litter box. I find my allergies don’t bother me so long as I keep my distance. If this works, I’ll keep her myself.

I cleaned her up and offered her some food, but she wasn’t interested. I put her in the cage and set my heater nearby to keep her warm. She cried a little at one point, but it was so weak it was barely audible. I took her out and put her in the litter box. She urinated, but she’s too weak to stand, I had to hold her.

I held her for a while before putting her back in her cage. She’s been sleeping for about an hour now. She’s utterly emaciated and her breathing is quite laboured. I hope she makes it through the night.

hi there,
is there any way that you can come to Taichung City with her tomorrow morning?!

At this moment, you can you her a little bit of Super Supau, you know that sports drink in the green bottle. It would help her. Hopefully she will make it tonight. Please give me a ring or pm if you can come tomorrow morning.

Thanks Minou. Yes, I’ll bring her tomorrow morning.

Please, please, please get this poor cat to a vet ASAP. Small, young animals ned to getto a vet at the FIRST sign of problems, as they can deteriorate very quickly.

Please, Dr_Zoidberg, take the kitten to the vet now, and let us know how it goes.

It’s great that you want to help this kitten and that you will keep her. I just hope she can last till she can get to a vet.

Good luck.


I’m happy to report Ditch Kitty was doing much better this morning. She was able to stand on her own and even walk, albeit unsteadly. That, however, isn’t saying much. She’s a very sick cat.

Minou and I met in Taichung, and took Ditch Kitty to a vet where she will stay for the time being so she can get the medical attention she needs.

I have a good feeling about this, I think you saved her. :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: A bit of meds, water and food will do wonders for that kitty. :slight_smile:


Well done :bravo: :notworthy:

Keep us updated with the progress.


Fingers crossed your kindness pays off. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to update you on Ditch Kitty. She was looking really bad today.
Lots of snot coming out of her nose. The vet was worried that she had a lung infection so the vet took an X-ray. There is no lung infection, just a throat infection.
The vet gave her medicine, but the cat didn’t want to eat. The vet decided that the cat needed to be put on an IV at about 5pm today.
She is staying in an incubator tonight.
Tomorrow the vet will do a FIV/FIP/FIVC test. (Cat version of HIV/AIDS). Today the cat is too weak to draw the blood for the test kits.

I’ve took some pictures but I don’t know how to post on this web site. I will try to post the pictures tomorrow.

The following is my blog, you can see the pics that I took this evening of Ditch Kitty. … tryid=8635

Thanks for all your help, Minou.

Hi there all,

I went to see Ditch Kitty twice today.
This morning, she was still very weak. Still on IV and shows no motervation of eating by herself.

This everning when I went to the vet. The vet has told me that she vomited in the afternoon and had really running stool. The vet has taken some stool simple to find out eaither there are worming issues or not.

Aslo because she is too weak today and had really low blood presure. They could draw enough blood to do FIV/FIP/FILC test.

I’ve took two pictures of her today and I don’t want to make too much noise. Fingers crossed, hopefull she will make it.

One of the pictures that I took this morning.

Another one

Is any one can show me how to post pictures here?!
I’ve downloaded the pics on the website and tried to posted here as well, but it just wouldn’t work.

Anyways, Ditch Kitty is doing better and better. Yesterday when I went to see her, she was walking around. Her eyes aren’t as red, infected as the beginning. She doesn’t have a running nose now. Today, she is able to go to the litter box to pee. They also done the FIV test this morning…yeah, hooray for she is negative. But she hasn’t pooed so couldnt do the FIP test. Hopefully tomorrow she is able to eat by herself.

This is one of the pics that I took yesterday.

Today she was sitting up when I took this picture.

Looking good! Well done. I was sure your post would be a sad one.

It’s hard to believe that’s the pathetic little creature we took to the vet less than a week ago. What a difference a few days of proper care can make.

I went to see Ditch Kitty this morning again. She is doing better and better. She was walking and meowing to me this morning.

My husband’s racing this weekend in Taipei so I won’t be able to go check on Ditch Kitty. Hoever, the vet will call me if anything happens.

I’ll be posting more pictures on my blog next Tuesday when we get back.

I also made a lot of cat nip toys to sell for Ditch Kitty’s vet bill. If any of you is interested just email me or pm me.