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Mr. Wright, a hard-drinking, money-pocketed man about town that I’ve known for what must be a half-decade (at least it seems that way) has long been sending out his weekly Pub News via e-mail. It contains more useful info in re: to pubs than all of the English daily weekend sections combined. His latest e-newsletter is below. If you would like to be on his mailing list, contact him at:

PUB NEWS - 20th August 2003

The Shannon’s First Year Anniversary Celebrations

The Shannon will hold its first year anniversary celebrations this Saturday. There’ll be drinks specials, a raffle, a staff rendition of an Irish jig, plus an open bar for three hours (6-9pm). In addition to the regular bands, the Irish band from Hong Kong will also perform on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Next time you’re in The Shannon, also take a gander at their revamped menu.

NT$120 Carlsberg Draught at Voice

Lovers of Carlsberg draught can now enjoy a 500ml mug of fresh Carlsberg draught at Voice for just NT$120 net. Voice is in Lane 223, Nanjing East Rd, Section 3, close to the Changchun/Fuhsing intersection.

Hoegaarten Draught at Carnegies

Hoegaarten, a boutique Belgian ‘white beer’, is now available on tap at
Carnegies. It’s approximately 50% wheat and 50% malted barley. There’s also coriander and curacao that gives the beer spice and fruitiness, but no sweetness. I indulged in some yesterday, and for a beer, it is actually quite refreshing. Served in proper Hoegaarten glasses with matching coaster, a large draught Hoegaarten (500ml) costs NT$250 (NT$200 during Happy Hour), while a small glass costs NT$150 (same price all day). Highly recommended for beer enthusiasts with deep pockets. Carnegies is currently the sole retailer of Hoegaarten in Taiwan.

Great Eastern Tavern for Sale Again

Great Eastern Tavern (affectionately known to Taipei’s drinkers as ‘GET’) at 336 Changchun Rd is for sale again. For anyone out there who has dreamed of owning their own bar as a venue for wild parties or as an excuse for drinking on the job, here’s your chance. Contact Amy at GET for further details.

Citizen Cain (67 Tongfeng Street)

If you can put up with the tacky ceramic butterflies plastered all over the
inside bright yellow wall, you’re doing better than I, Gungadin. Sit at the bar, direct your eyes towards the menus, bartender and bottles of booze and keep’ em there. On Monday nights, Citizen Cain (CC) has a ‘buy one, get one free’ pizza special. Most pizzas are priced from NT$220-250 and are of the ultra-thin crust-with-sparse-topping variety. Given the low price, a group of people can gormandize to their stomachs’ content on this flavoured cardboard for a very modest outlay. Drinks include Heineken and Corona at NT$130, a large bottle of Taiwan draught at NT$140, Granville Island (good Canadian piss) at NT$160, plus Carlsberg draught and Boddingtons draught at NT$160 and NT$190 respectively. There’s also Bulgarian red wine and Chilean white wine at NT$170/glass. CC also has a weekend brunch menu that includes
pancakes and an omelette with the curious name of ‘Sheepshagger’ (any Kiwis around?). On the entertainment front, a jazz band plays on Tuesdays from 9.30pm-midnight, with jam nights on Thursdays. If you are after cheap drinks, cheap eats and some music, you may want to give this place a try so long as you can tolerate the dreadful decore. CC is at 67 Tongfeng Street, just south of the Ren-ai circle.

Balls Ups at The Brass Monkey Continue

Since the Brass Monkey (BM) opened, I have dutifully worked my way through the menu, only finding a few items worth writing home about. Disappointingly, food seems to be the lowest priority here, as along the
way, I have encountered problems with food quality, food preparation time etc etc on virtually every visit that I have dared to eat at this place.

After a long time eschewing the Monkey’s offerings that are hardly fit for a beggar, the other night in a fit of desperation I ordered a take-away
sandwich with extra cheese. On returning home, I discovered the cheese was nowhere to be seen. If the largely inept staff in this poor excuse for a bar cannot even take simple orders such as this, it reflects very badly on everyone working here from top to bottom. The bottom line, dear readers, is DO NOT EAT HERE. Go around the corner to Subway or out the back alley for a bowl of Nina’s beef noodles at Voice. If strolling along Fuhsing North Road and approaching No. 166 while nursing an empty stomach, do a Johnnie Walker and keep on walking.

San Miguel Specials in ‘The Zone’

NT$50 at Barrio Fiesta (open Sunday afternoons only), opposite Peace Jazz and down some stairs. Go bump and grind with the balikbayan.

NT$100 at Ai Mei and Patina (not on Fridays and Saturdays at Patina)

Deal of the Week

A dozen 640ml bottles of Qingdao beer is currently on special at the Tesco supermarket in Sanmin Rd for just NT$478. Is your fridge big enough?

Happy Drinking!

I don’t know if I agree with him about the Brass Monkey. I’ve eaten in there several times and the food was good, if overpriced.

That’s true, I wonder if Wright is going to have to apologize and write a nice review now. Oh wait, that’s Taipei Times.

I ventured in to The Brass Monkey last weekend. Was happily surprised to see such a large contingency of Taiwanese guests.

Max (the owner) was more than willing to tune in to the Aussie Rules football for me, and I ordered a nice grilled chicked salad. Noticed that the menu had been expanded… The beer was cold.

Can’t complain.

Lora in The Zone Sunday 10am till 2am Mon. 50nt a beer

Does anyone know if Wino Pete is still around or if he still does those newsletters?
I remember reading and liking his column in POTS about a year ago when they still had an English section.

I thought “wino” Pete went to Shanghai around three or four years ago? I got some reviews of places up there. Think they were the last I saw. I suspect our man is lost in a Shanghai flophouse.


I don’t know.
He was definitely writing for POTS a lot more recently than 3-4 years ago.

I met him in the Blarney Stone the other week. Think he’s been up here a few months or something. At least I think it was him. There was drink involved.