The Cheapest Way to Claim the FEIE (for US residents filing taxes)

Reading comprehension problems? Why so angry?

I never said you have to pay tax to Taiwan to claim FEIE. It was established from the very first post that there are multiple pathways to accomplish this. I just objected to you saying it is irrelevant, when it is clearly not irrelevant. It is likely the most commonly used factor for those using the bona fide residence test around the world. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tens of thousands who don’t, just like you.

Apologies if English isn’t your first language, but I think you started with the attitude first. You do you bud, but maybe read more carefully so you don’t lead someone else astray.

So, like I said, income tax status in the other country is irrelevant, and it’s all about residency. Glad we agree, then. You could have worded it more clearly. You can drop the personal attacks— not necessary and against the rules.

lol it’s not irrelevant so we do not agree. You must not have much empathy. Because it doesn’t apply to you it must not happen to anyone. I’m obviously not gonna change your mind. I even gave you the IRS guidelines, plain as day!

To anyone reading this who needs to use the bona fide residence test instead of the physical presence test, please please consult with your professional tax preparer. As google will show, this can be a costly error if the IRS, as they are wont to do, tries to deny you on technicalities. Don’t take my word for it!