"The China Study" - highly recommended!

Just released in 2005, this book is in a word, life-altering.

The author, Dr. Campbell, conducted the longest and most comprehensive study of nutrition ever

Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far, especially since there are a good number of people out there who take issue with Campbell’s methodology and findings. A few examples:

And I know this has been said before, so excuse me for saying it again but

[quote=“smell the glove”]Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far, especially since there are a good number of people out there who take issue with Campbell’s methodology and findings. A few examples:

My own opinion is that all things in moderation are good. Almost every person I have know to give up all animal products over the past 25 years including myself became ill.

Quote below is taken from www.beyondveg.com and

Okay, granted, the term ‘undeniable’ may be going too far - in terms of ALL of his research. I was really referring to the main message behind his work/book, and that is …plant-based diets are overall a lot healthier than meat-based diets. Based on all the statistics he presents, honestly I think you’d have a hard time arguing with that. I mean as the saying goes, let the numbers speak for themselves. If nothing else, you live longer!

Of course there will always be skeptics and critics who want to nit-pic at the methodolgy of others, or the way the facts are presented, or even a researcher’s experience/credentials, etc.

But then I think that just comes back to what I was saying in my original post - that all truth goes through stages - and plant-based diets are at present still being “violently opposed” (or simply ignored) by the masses.

I think there’s a lot of truth in what you say. But I think the main reason most vegetarians are sickly, gaunt, and/or ill, is because they replace meat with other extremely unhealthy foods such as milk, cheese, and other dairy products - to ensure they get enough protein - as well as eating tons of heavy, processed carbs. (pastas, bread, sweets, etc.), which all just convert to sugars, and eventually acid.

As Campbell mentions in his book, healthy vegetarians eat whole foods and vegetables. But how many veg-heads do you know that actually eat a diet consisting mainly of whole foods? Not many. Unfortunately it’s still a challenge to find/eat whole foods on a daily basis - especially here in Taiwan!

Sorry, don’t know if it’s available here. I bought mine through Amazon.

Yes, heavy on breads, potato, pasta, cake etc = heavy.

How do you get the iron, B12 and protein on the plant diet?

Cows do it by having 4 stomachs and little animals inside doing the work. So, they are still eating animals in a way.


According to John Robbins (Diet for a New America), “The belief that vegetarians tend to be anemic is common among people who have been unknowingly schooled according to the “basic four” nutritional propaganda. This is a classic example of how ignorance can cause needless suffering.” He goes on to say, “Impartial and rigorous studies have consistently shown that vegetarians suffer less anemia than do meat eaters … calorie per calorie, spinach has 14 times the iron of a typical sirloin steak. Although meat is a decent source of iron, vegetables are actually better. The only iron deficient foods are dairy products, sugar, fat, and processed foods.”

Further, “Cows milk is so low in iron that you’d have to drink 50 gallons to get the iron available from a single bowl of spinach.” And, “There is another important reason why you can become iron deficient if you overdo milk products. They not only provide NO iron, they also block its absorption.”

Vitamin B12?
Again, according to Robbins …“The misguided belief that vegetarians tend to be anemic is sadly ironic in light of the many studies which have measured the hemoglobin levels of people wth different diet-styles. Vegetarians consistently fare better in those tests than meat-eaters…The only people who run into trouble are the ones who eat a lot of dairy products, fatty foods, sugar, and junk foods.” He does go on to say, “It is possible that abstaining from all eggs and dairy producuts, as well as meat, may produce anemia. Accordingly, I advise all strict vegetarians to take supplement B-12.”

So the short answer is, yes, take a supplement to be on the safe side.

Robbins shows statistics from a number of authorities (WHO, Food & Nutrition Board, Nat. Research Council, etc.) saying, "not all authroities agree on a precise figure for our daily needs of protein, but their calculations fall within a specific range that runs from a low estimate of 2 and 1/2 percent of our total daily calories up to a high estimate of over 8 percent.

“Nature, it seems, would totally agree. Human mother’s milk provides five percent of its calories from protein. Nature seems to be telling us that little babies, whose bodies are grwoing the fastest they will ever grow in their life, and whose protein needs are therefore at a maximum, are best served by very modest leevl of 5% protein.”

Even Schwarzenegger says, “Kids nowadays…tend to go overboard when they discover body building and eat diets consisting of 50-70% protein - something I believe to be totally unnecessary…in my formula for basic eating: eat about one gram of protein for every two pounds of body weight.”

How does that convert? Again, Robbins …“to meet Schwarzenegger’s suggested protein quota, you’d do fine without meat, eggs or dairy products. If you ate only broccoli…you’d get more than 4 times his suggested requirement.”

Most vegetables are in fact 20-50% protein!! Most people wouldn’t know that for the simple fact that we’ve been taught the “basic four” good groups since day one. “Gotta get your protein/meat little Johhny…or you won’t grow up big and strong like dad.”

Interestingly enough, the whole food groups concept was promoted (and paid for) by none other than: the National Egg Board, the National Dairy Council, and the National Livestock and Meat Board.

I tend to agree with Robbins in saying that “It might cast a shadow upon the wisdom of unquestioningly accepting “truths” we were taught.”

This statement seems to contradict itself.

[quote=“toyourhealth”] eat about one gram of protein for every two pounds of body weight." . If you ate only broccoli…you’d get more than 4 times his suggested requirement."

Broccoli is about 3% protein. So, a 70kg individual would need more than 2kg of broccoli.

The problem is that there are only a limited number of essential amino acids in the broccoli. It needs to be combined with other foods to give the body the amino acids the body can’t make itself.

Broccoli and ?

I did get caught a long time ago…I was exercising like crazy with body fat that would not go away. I was using conventional wisdom at the time of breads, pasta, rice and potato.

When I found the Zone Diet it changed my life. The battle was over.

I learned to have small meals and combine protein/ fats and carbs. I’ve always gone heavier on the fruit and vegetables. Probably a throw back to the vegetarian days and also just because the taste of a pile of vegetables is heaps better than the same calories from processed carbs.

Can you achieve the goals of this diet/ lifestyle without spending money on supplements?

but even protein itself simply breaks down into carbohydrates and Urea.

"the longest and most comprehensive study of nutrition ever