"The Chinese are one of the world's most selfish people" - Editorial

Wolfman, AX has every right to say like that, and it’s nice to hear it from him. But what is he really saying?

Own goal? Ha!

The game is not over. Stay tuned. And read today’s TT editorial, a much better way of saying it without the Post’s UGLY CHINAM*N style.

Ax has an axe to grind. Always has, always will.

Shell Fish? No, more like Blowfish. At least the ones Omni dates if I understand his wish. One of, but not the only ethnocentric-fish, isn’t this thread already a bit borefish?


nO, cho, we are not discussing whether Chinese or Taiwanese are selfish, we are discussing the very weird way the CHina Post phrased its editorial. Read it again! Would you publish such stuff in your mag?

Editorial: The time for selfishness is past

Ok Formosa, my propensity to twist a cute phrase (or alt least attempt to do so) has taken me a bit to far on this one.

You forgot who owns my magazine and where thier interests are. We try to accentuate the positive, “to grasp the essence with out falsification.” I would therefore post it, not as written, which is very, very, wierd inded, but in a way that sheds a more positive light on the points made regarding the underlying cause in the spread of sars. That is if I could get it past our publishers who won’t post anything resembling the truth or that sheds an honest light on the nature of this culture unless they could make a buck from it.

And I do hope, someday soon, to get past these puff pieces and offer up editorial of that kind. Bravo to the writer. His/her only problem is that, like me, they need a good editor.


you never know ax foremost…

ax is grind free. never grind, always free…