The Chinese Taipei Film Archive?

Has anyone visited and/or borrowed a film from the Chinese Taipei Film Archive? I heard you can become a member and then view their collection of films. Still not sure whether this means renting their movies or watching them in a screening room at the Archive headquarters. They have a Web site (, but the English version is not very explanatory.
Like another who posted at this forum a while back, I too live near a crappy Taipei Blockbuster location that has next to no selection when it comes to non-Hollywood movies. I would like to pay the Archive a visit if it’s a worthwhile place. Any firsthand info to share??

I used to be a member.
This place is absolutely incredible. Unlimited viewing of a vast assortment of films and the tiny theater has occasional discussions after viewings. I loved the place, but I underutilized my membership. I was struggling financially at the time.
One more bonus. Membership comes with a free subscription to the Chinese-language Film Appreciation magazine (F/A) the archive’s quarterly (or was it monthly?).
Thumbs up! :smiley:

Cool… so how does it work? Do you pick one of their films off the shelf and watch it in their little theater? (starting at any time?)
Or are you allowed to take the films home for viewing?

How much is membership?