The cleavage problem

Hey everyone

I’m going to move to Taiwan for some time at the end of June.
Although I have more questions, this is the one I have to consider now when I buy clothes in spring.

My mom and aunts and even cousins told me that it would be inapropriate for me to wear t-shirts that show as much cleavage as I do in Germany. They said I could do it, but people would think I was…well… :blush:

Although I do trust their advice I just really don’t want to wear T-shirts with a nickline to the neck. Not only that I would suffocate in that heat, i would feel uncomfortable-___-

So I wanted to ask you people what your experiences are. Will showing too much cleavage really get you categorised as some slut or are they exaggerating a little?
I don’t even have that much cleavage I can show off. So in contrast to others, I wouldn’t even say I show too much cleavage.

I got some pictures of t-shirts at the bottom. Would they be ok? That would be about what I usually wear…

Yeah, cleavage is definitely a ‘thing’ here. It seems to be fine to show as much leg as you possibly can, but show even a tiny bit of your boobies and people get a little silent around you :wink:
Depends on the circumstances, I guess. When I’m out and about I might show a tiny bit of cleavage and if people seem to think somethin, too damn bad. When I’m teaching i’m pretty careful though- I’ve regretted it the few times I’ve worn a shirt that was “questionable”. My students seemed uncomfortable :doh:
I’d invest in a few tank tops that you can put under your shirts which comes at least to an inch and a half under your collar bone. That seems to be okay for me.
It sucks wearing two layers in summer though.

You obviously don’t spend as much time staring at boobs as the rest of us, Non.

Cleavage does seem to be played down, but that’s because most women don’t have much of it, so they accentuate their other features. If you get black looks, it’s probably jealousy.

But yeah, you don’t want to leave too much hanging out, for exactly the same reason it’s not a good idea in Europe; it’s distracting and somewhat inappropriate, especially in a professional setting. On the beach (or whatever) it’s really not an issue.

All the girls in those links are wearing shirts that make them look like sluts and they should be bloody well horsewhipped. Disgusting!

No, Finley, we are the ones being stared at. :fume: And we do not like the looks…

Dear PeeplePie,

Unfortunately, there is a double standard here in Taiwan. You’ll see, when you get here, and discover it is not just showing leg, they mean they even show underwear in short-short cutoff shorts or the latest fashionable one piece sweater mini dresses. Most of the time, no one skips a beat nor makes a fuss. But in urban settings, particularly the MRT, that is extremely attractive to perverts with camera phones…

The cleavage thing is the biggest problem. I’ve see many young girls, especially Overseas Chinese, who dress in urban areas as if they were at the beach -strap Ts, white short shorts. I guess if you are going to class it might not be so much of a problem, but in public transport, anything barely hinting at top cleavage is problematic. Yes, Taiwan’s summer is horrid, yes, it is hot and humid, but city ain’t no beach. Nevertheless, people will give you the stinky eye and boys regard you as a mat for a mere curve of a hint of boob…

That said, your proposed attire, the pictures, sem OKish, as long as you carry a light jacket/sweater. You will need it anyways with the drop in temperatures from outside -let’s say typical 35 degrees day- with indoors -with air conditioners set at 25 degrees or so.

From a guys perspective, those examples are fine. You won’t get “categorised as some slut” but girls might be a little jealous and guys will just be guys. Some of the most popular famous girls in Taiwan are that way purely because of their cleavage and absolutely nothing else.

At night at the clubs, the girls will show more cleaveage, or at least try to show cleavage even if they don’t have it. If you’re going to be in a classroom, office, visiting someones grandma, or something, try not to be too distracting. At lot of the girls here carry an extra scarf or sweater or top so they can mix it up for the situation.

Oh well, it seems to be serious then :cry: :unamused:

I especially wondered since the last time I was in Taiwan ( I was fifteen) and wore about exactly the same clothes, nobody said a word. Nobody acted strange around me so when my relatives visited this summer and told me that I shouldn’t wear too much cleavage when I go to Taiwan I was like: What? but last time it wasn’t a problem either?? :eh:

When you mean out and about, do you mean parties or just going shopping, meeting with friends? (sorry, I’m not a native speaker )

It’d be totally ok for me to cover up a bit when working. It’s just my freetime I’d like to dress in what’s comfortable for me…and t-shirts with a neckline up the neck unfortunately don’t belong in that category-___-


This double standard was another reason I was so surprised when they told me not to wear cleavage. I always saw lots of girls walking around in short skirts or hot-pants so I thought the dressing code was about the same as in Germany. I never really realised that they didn’t show as much cleavage as in Germany only after my relatives pointed it out to me.

Puh, thanks for saying that these shirts are ok! I will just have to watch out not to drop anything too often :unamused:

I guess it’s going to be a hot summer :laughing:

Yeah, you could wear a wide belt in place of a skirt and get away with it. But the least hint of boobage and things will turn frosty.

Oh, I just thought of another question!

I think I heard somewhere that showing parts of you bra straps (deliberately or not) is a no-go, too. Is that true?
That could be a problem when wearing Tank-tops…

In public?! At work??!!! :astonished:


[quote=“PepplePie”]Oh, I just thought of another question!

I think I heard somewhere that showing parts of you bra straps (deliberately or not) is a no-go, too. Is that true?
That could be a problem when wearing Tank-tops…[/quote]
You have to wear these special bras that have clear plastic straps on 'em. I’m not kidding. They really have them. Its OK to show those kind of straps, apparently (not that I look at anybody’s bosoms other than those of my dear wife, of course). Fashion Foibles of the Seriously Impaired. Should be the title of a reality TV show.

I say be pretty and proud. If you aren’t in a work/formal setting then why not. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Assume anything inappropriate in Germany would likely be inappropriate here. In any casual setting I’d say it is fine to just trust your best judgment. :thumbsup:

I was at a meal a while back with a friends daughter in the UK who had come back to visit relatives here. One Aunt spent half the meal commenting and pointing at her boobs and asking everyone at the table for their opinion, one by one , because she was showing a bit of cleavage, and not much in my opinion and I had plenty of time and consideration to reach that conclusion as the Aunt never seemed to let the subject go.

I say just go for it! Why worry about the critics if you have a lot of fans? Make the world a happier place - cleavage ON!

Many girls/women can’t show cleavage … lack of boobies … :smiley: :ponder:

Padding is a serious issue here, so any black looks might be just a result of viewing what must appear to some local women as a freak of nature.

You are joking, right?

In my previous job even the principle passed out a dress-code. She constantly complained about one of my co-workers because his T-shirts were kind like your examples.
Anyhow, how do you call that kind of shirt can’t be T-shirts like in a

hamletIT, meet Sandman. Yes, he is joking. One day you might meet Zender. They both write preposterous, very funny, quips that to the uninitiated seem to have a kernel of gravity. The quips actually have anti-gravity, and lighten the mood of the often captious tone of some posts.

Since I’ve got this damned management cubical I don’t get to see anything anymore.
Well, the occasional leg with a bit of xiaojie on top passing along the entrance of my cubical.

No more “ups I have to put that motherboard down next to your table and woooopsy can you read I’ve got “Mickey Mouse” printed on my panties?”

No more “What’s that on the screen?”-leaning-forward-guess-what-string-tanga-I-am-wearing-today.

And they don’t feed me cookies and candy anymore. Damn.


European girl here.

Taiwanese people think collar bones are sexy. Therefore, showing your collar bone is sexy and will get giggles out of young kids and looks/possible stalking out of old men. Tell the kids to grow up and the men to fuck off, but realise that it will happen. Some older men seem to think you’ve obviously up for sex if you’re showing cleavage and will try to pick you up (by riding past you and saying ‘LET’S BE FRIENDS! COME TO MY HOUSE!’ or other such crap. This could only happen to white and black girls though).

Cleavage as well is sexy. Expect friends/older ladies to say ‘Wow, you’re dressed so beautifully!’ if you even show a hint of cleavage, even if you’re wearing your oldest, grottiest top. It sounds like you’re part Taiwanese, and if that’s the case you may need to tell aunts and what not to shut up and get over it too.

But at the end of the day, there’s not a lot you can do about it. EVERYBODY thinks cleavage/collar bone is a big thing, so you’ll get the looks and remarks (nice or not). Depends on how much of a battle you’re will to fight that day. I still wear my low tops, just not to teach because I can’t be bothered dealing with the kids giggling all the time (funnily enough, the younger boys are fine with it but the girls freak out). And very occasionally I need to tell people to look at my eyes when speaking to them. But usually it’s not a big deal!