The Combat Zone

[quote=“Richardm”]Malibu has an all day English breakfast? I’m there.
We should have a happy hour in the Zone. My Place is big enough.[/quote]
A good idea. Maybe Malibu West would be a better choice because its easier to find. It is also is open all day whereas My Place doesn’t open intil 6.30pm.
But the best reason would be The Happy Hours 4-9 all 100NT

I just wanted to clarify that My Place is owned by a couple and it is solely their bar. My Place is by far the best bar in the combat zone and the owner is incredibly friendly. She’s extremely down to earth and very honest. Go there on a Saturday night and she’s always there talking to her customers. Her husband is generally there earlier on Saturdays but then heads on over to Malibu’s for the rest of the night. They’re an amazing couple and I have had many long and enjoyable conversations with them about politics, about local Taiwan affairs, about family etc. If they honestly made a mistake in the pricing, that might have been a one time mistake and I’m sure it wouldn’t happen again. I personally find My Place to be one of the few down to earth and relaxed bars left in Taipei where everyone just comes to hang out and relax. I know I’ll be there this Saturday.

The rest of the bars in the Taipei Pubs group are owned by a conglomerate of investors which include the owners of My Place.


I was in My Place last night (to watch the cricket great game)so I checked the boddingtons price out. The price lists have been changed. They are NT 220 plus the normal !0%. I pointed it out to Jackie the manager that it was kind of expensive she agreed and said she would drop the price again, so check this out.
It is a fact that Cottingham and co recently put up all prices.corona carlsberg boddintons etc etc and I have no doubt that this has caused a lot of the smaller pubs to go out of business, this was the last straw.
I have allways found My Place to be very reasonable so give them another chance.Jackies husband can be a bit of a pain in the arse if he is there but this is a small problem.

I agree with most of the recent posts in this thread: “My Place” is the best bar in the Zone by far. Considering Nick and Jackie have been running successful bars in both Taipei and Shanghai for many years, it’s not surprising that this place has held its own. The only negative point I have to say about “My Place” is that the food is generally not as good as in “Malibu West”, another of Nick and Jackie’s pubs.

Try the hamburger in My Place…

@Wolf, thanks for the burger recommendation. Will try it when I’m up there later this week.

Another place in the Zone I’m liking at the moment is Peace Jazz around on Tehui Street. Putting up with the karaoke can be trying though.

By the way, bring an appetite for that burger. They come very close to breaking the “Never eat anything bigger than your head” rule.

I actually had a brief conversation with Nick on this very topic quite recently. The difference is quite deliberate, the food in My Place is available until later and is there primarily as a supplement for those drinking, whilst Malibu tries to attract customers with the food, and hopefully spend some money on beer.

I haven’t been to The Zone in over two years. Does anyone here frequent the area? Is it still a general craphole or is anything interesting happening over there? Best time/places to go?

There’s good burgers at Malibu West and My Place and some fun spots for drinking a few brews.

In the Zone this Saturday is THE party. All nay sayers keep away !

We will say nay to you if you do not appease us.

It sounds like it will be very interesting. I hope they have a ton of people out there and it spills out into the adjacent alleyways.

Nay! Nu!

Iwas there but have no memory.
Next party in August.
New pub opened= Chatters formely Montana Pub

I noticed Hollywood Baby was closed too. What happened to those big girls?

…moved to china, no more profitable business in taipei

Don’t understand the craphole attitude. The zone is an old area but the lane especially is slowly face - lifting.

Several bars are just drinking places. I think it’s easy to recognise the rip-offs - they are the places with girls outside trying to pull you in.

If you are looking to drink in friendly surroundings it’s easy.

Malibu - some staff are a little offish and more focused on visitors than regulars - but nevertheless, cheap and fairly clean. Don’t bother with lunch though - skimpy portions, eg small hamburger, 7 chips, two carrots - NT250.

My Place, - good mix of clientel, friendly service, most “englishy” bar atmosphere on the street. Needs some renovation though.

Manila - cheap beer, lots of pretty girls - no push. Very clean and nicely decorated - mainly Taiwanese customers, but nothing wrong with that.

Chatterbox (formorly Montana) - renovated and newly opened - nice friendly staff, good decor, good sound system - filipino owned and run.

Manhattan, restructured ownership, more filipino influence, good chatty girls, reasonable prices

Patina, - friendly, misses a lot because of position, higher priced but not excessive.

Peace Jazz, filipino, very friendly owner, big renovation underway. Fair prices. Great crowd, especially Sunday afternoon and sometimes after 11.

Sure there are lots of greast bars all over town, but if you want to conveniently cruise a few bars - this is the place. - each to his own

Well said Tony !
The voice of reason.

Yeah, good post Tony. Thanks.

It gives me great pleasure to inform all that they now have Draft San Miquel in My Place and Malibu West. 100 NT a pint in Happy Hours.
Support the Philippines, drink San !! 80 million ppl cannot be wrong.

chicken and pork ADOBO on menu new at malibu west