The Combat Zone


Peace Jazz is open ! from 6pm till you run out of money or fall over!!


Proper prices for proper people.
All beers are 100 or less every night all night.
Guinness is 100NT
Boddingtons 100NT
Taiwan Beer 100NT a pint
San Miquel 80 NT

And on Sunday ( Filippina Day ) it is CHEAPER still.

MABUHAY ( welcome )


On occasion Peace Jazz is now showing old Beatles and Rolling Stones clips. Many of these videos are from the UK and according to some American customers have never been aired in the US.

Ask the barstaff if you want to watch them.



We had the sub,
we wrecked the pub,
we did it with good cheer.
And now we’re on the doss again,
no money for the beer !


What’s happening with this old legend these days? Are there any pubs worth visiting on a Tues night as I can’t think of anywhere else to go on a Tuesday.


Well… It’s certainly getting more and more quiet these days in the zone. I guess Patina is always ok. My Place ususally also a safe bet.

Other places, go there at your own risk… :wink:


Busy lately,faces watching the Olympics.Not my bag, but horses for courses I suppose.
Surprising as the locals rarely watch sport apart from baseball.
Also, many Septic Tanks are here working on the Nuclear Power Plant.


eclectic music in The Zone.
Last night wandering about I heard 1960’s Ska, Talk Talk, Shaun Ryder. Human League.
Bob Seagar, Elvis and The Beatles.
Where else in Taiwan could you hear such an eclectic selection?


Merry Pasko


Is the combat zone a place to go for a 3.17 pub crawl?


Depends on your style. Maybe 3 pubs slightly worth visiting if not picky. Be careful of the places with people trying to pull you in. They will rip you off in one way or the other. Closeby is Maji Maji area with a couple pubs.

Pub crawls in Taipei kind of require taking transport from place to place. Not really any area with a lot of pubs within walking distance.


7-eleven crawls are more our style…