The Comedy Stylings of the Global Times and CCP!

This is a thread I’m starting when I need my comedy fix for the day. The Communist Party of China loves to say things that are so unbelievably funny that it’s hard to take them seriously. No SANE person, I think, would or could say these things with a straight face.

First off, I’m going to start with China calling Canada naive for partnering with the US.

:rofl:RIGHT! Because China gets along SO WELL with its neighbours, encroaching on their territories, bullying Taiwan, standing off with India, weaponising trade with countries it disagrees with, all while the US has a reliable track record of working together with us. :rofl:

China, you make me laugh!

There’s more to come, China says something stupid on a daily basis.


One of my personal aspirations is to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.


The thing that always amazes me are the comments from chinese people on articles that are pro-Taiwan or that in general paint china in a bad way and show a problem with their economy/politics/whatever. I can’t honestly figure out whether the comments are from real people who were raised in the commie bubble, or from wumaos (that I guess now work for social credit instead of money?), or bots.

I don’t exactly remember what I was reading yesterday on twitter, it was something about the impact of the tariffs on the chinese economy, and there were a couple of chinese people who’d reply to everyone pointing out:"YEAH BUT THE USA DOESN’T HAVE HIGH SPEED TRAIN, LOL 3RD WORLD’’ or something along those lines, and then link an article showing some new train they made in china.

There’s a meme in which a person says something painfully stupid, either due to room temperature IQ or for the purpose of trolling, but all he gets in response is people telling him:“Fuck off retard”. That person then tries to score some points by saying that he was only pretending to be an idiot. Well, 99% of the times I read chinese people’s comments on social media, my brain IMMEDIATELY thinks:“Fuck off retard”, they say stuff that’s so stupid or nonsensical that I don’t even have a rebuttal, I just witness in awe at people showing the world how dumb they are.


Well, at least on this issue the GT is not so far off,

"Canada is leaning on the United States to help settle a dispute with China, which has started to block imports of vital Canadian commodities amid a dispute over a detained Huawei executive.

In a sign of increasing frustration at what it sees as a lacklustre U.S. response, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is signalling it could withhold cooperation on major issues."

Considering their mental capacity of the 19th century and being all locked up for half a century or more, they are trying to evolve with Chinese characteristics. I’m not trying to defend them, just understanding and explaining their situation. The contradiction between humiliation of one century and the pride of the present is immensely difficult to comprehend logically.

“Humiliation” is a rhetorical strategy.

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Ivw seen documentaries on their ‘schooling’ which mostly consists of teachers mumbling brainwashing thoughts from a book and students half heartedly muttering them back. Nobody at any point actually belieiving in the rubbish.
But they are nationalistic that’s for sure!

I feel the worst part about this is that it’s working. Look at the comment sections on Candian FB articles; the opposition and their supporters are trying to blame this all on the current PM Trudeau. It’s really sad that people would side with China over a PM they dislike. China uses the fact that most other leaders have to deal with an electorate. I really hope more people can see that Canadians need to stand united against China.

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No words for this! Almost blew water through my nose! One of their best jokes yet!


Their political PR stunts are purely and hilariously comical!

Rule of law, my foot!

The epitome of facadism!


Hilarious jokes! Who are these then?

Right! The city has sufficient channels for ‘rational communication’ IE: You ask, we say no, we’re calling security. If you cooperate, this will remain rational and peaceful. You can’t use violence but we haven’t afforded you any other channels to enact change because we’ve rigged the elections to win every single time, despite every single vote was in favour of the Pan Democracy Camp.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Now they’re just likely making stuff up, considering Michael Tien was one of the first Pro Beijing MP to suggest withdrawing the extradition bill back in May. He knows he’ll lose his job if he comes out in support and now he’s allegedly saying that the protestors are foreign forces? Global Times, you joker!!:rofl::rofl:

Creator of this crisis is no other than the CCP. Look behind the facadism and you’ll find fabrication, orchestration, deception, theatrics etc etc. Reigning in Hk ASAP is fait accompli.

Perhaps I should give the CCP a nickname. Grandpa sounds good hey?


Uyghurs hundreds of years ago were ‘forcefully’ converted to Islam. So China has become the WHITE KNIGHT and now attempts to forcefully convert people away from Islam.

I see no irony in that :crazy_face:

Theres so many articles now on even the NYT that are very Pro China and says “sponsored” in small caps.

Yeah, It’s called China Watch. They also have their tentacles in The Telegraph. They’re technically an ‘ad’.

An ‘Advertorial’ if you will.

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Yes I notice that on The Telegraph also. Many people say MSM can’t be bought or become a political narrative… Chinas doing it

It’s all about them benjam-I mean maos baby!

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Indeed a lotta cash.

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Cutting edge identity politics.

We all know this whole fiasco is about land grab and national sovereignty and security and it has nothing to do with reverence for diversity, human rights and freedoms, ethnic and civilisational dignity, religious appreciation, social justice, etc etc.

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