The coming break up of Russia

Dang, my cousin Greg is going to be pissed. It’s going to be tough sledding out there once the robots become so efficient that there will be redundancy letters handed out to the robots that aren’t needed anymore.

Mu Space compagny, a Thailand’s aerospace startup has already disclosed a year before Tesla, back in 2018, an android robot intended to be deployed on the Moon to man the future bases.
What is notheworthy is the exact similarity with Tesla Bot, unveiled to the public a year later! Coincidence? I think not!

1. Thailand’s Mu Space astronaut and robot (in black) on the moon.

2. mu Space Corp CommercialAstronaut + two Black and White Robots. 22 Sep 2018.
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so creepy


I think I found your buddy lol

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Yes, one of @stoa1984’s many avatars! Used while providing tuition in the Middle East.

Putting a videomancy spin on it:


Anthropomorphic androids? Very original concept from Thailand! Does Mu have a working prototype yet?


What does “providing tuition” mean? Are you in Taiwan by the way

As you know @stoa1984 is a cosmopolite educator.

But to his regret, for the time being, he could no longer visit Taiwan due to the severe Covid restrictions.

Factory 2 completed in October 2022. |1| |2|

As for a working prototype, as the CEO said, it’s basically not so different from a satellite, their main product.

Why not?

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Is that a problem?

That is why its better to work online.

Internet is available in Thailand.

A functional android is very different from a satellite.

oh weird another friend…

Weird pic was posted in the comments section from someone seemingly impersonating an oft-cited, but now (seemingly) radio silent Iran-oriented OSINT guy named Fabian Hinz :popcorn:

Wow! You have been long-windedly pitching conspiracies and the supposed omnipotence of Starlink for over a year now, impressive!

Am I internetmancy-ing ok @stoa1984?

Do you have series that is a little more boobsie? Those pictures you posted don’t give me a tickle in my pickle like a boobsie one would. And maybe a pony-tail? I likes me a good pony-tail.

The dismemberment of Russia is also a long term bet of the Japanese.

They never signed a Peace Treaty with the Soviet Union and its successor the Russian Federation.

What was disputed were the Soviet occupied northern core Japanese territories.

After eight decades Tokyo seems near to be rewarded for its patience!

Indeed, this move by Japan only reminds one of the preventive measures taken by China:

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Is Japan only bluffing or does Tokyo really have the muscle to back its hard line stance?

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We see now why Tokyo is so confident when dealing with the Russians. And this is only the tip of the iceberg:

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