The completely useless obvious advice thread


Man-buns are out.


That’s useful, thanks. Temp


My current favorite Mandarin expression.


No, I haven’t. It’s my weiya tonight, so I shall attempt to identify an asshole and inform them that being an asshole is both useless and obvious. I’ll provide feed back on here tomorrow.


Being punched in the face could hurt. Try to dodge it.



Now, if you’d only told me that before. 47 years on this planet and I still haven’t got to the dodge bit.


Just don’t be surprised if they call you a BiggusDickus.


I have a wife, you know…


They probably won’t mean it as a compliment, but you’re certainly welcome to take it that way.



What did the farmer say to the cow on his roof?


My favourite, and one and only joke.

What else do you say to a cow on your roof?



May be time to expand your repertoire (hope that’s not useless advice!).


Don’t tell me that’s your wife in the video.


If you study stoned, take the test stoned.

And be yourself. Unless you’re stoned, in which case be a giggling version of yourself.


I like Iceland, you can not state that your product is ‘the best’!


Now that is neither useless nor obvious! I guess the elves get medieval on you if you brag too much. :elf:


Donald Trump pronounces China exactly the way that Donald Trump pronounces China.


I love the way he makes China sound like a dirty word!


I wouldn’t listen to that guy Trump.


He loves China, they make his long neck ties, more bang for the buck! They should invent an auto-self-strangling tie!