The completely useless obvious advice thread


Getting off on what? Going up and down?


I’m a lover, not a fighter.


Getting off on the elevator.


Getting on the elevator while others are getting off.


You never get off an elevator, you get out of it. But yeah just stand in front of the door and block it.


Maybe you get out, but I get off.


An elevator is a box, if you get off you’d have to jump from the top, getting out on the other hand …


Ah, but when the door opens, it’s no longer a box. It’s a moving floor with walls and a ceiling.


You take stuff out of a box when the lid is open, not off the box.
You can off the bus or train because they are elevated according to the street or platform


I always get off the elevator. I haven’t gotten off on the elevator, but I’m working on it.


Make sure to turn your back to the camera before you whip it out. (oops, more good advice)


maybe you prefer going down?

(random film quote. 10 points to the correct answer)


Deep throat?


must admit, i can’t remember, but it’s very 1980s

that’s the bugger with being present in the 1980s in the first place…

(was definitely a scene set in an internal glass elevator in a hotel atrium… that should narrow it down a bit)


When your wife or girlfriend asks you “did you sleep with her?” about a girl in your past, don’t answer truthfully with “ha, no, only in my dreams”.


On the elevator?

A Dirty Harry movie?


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Do you get off on elevators? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


Now we know where Discobot 2.0 will come from! :robot: :grinning: :rainbow:


You can’t pose a starter for 10 if you don’t know the answer. Mods, a completely useless 80’s trivia thread pleeeease.