The completely useless obvious advice thread




A beaver can build a dam, but a dam can not build a beaver.
(nor can a Trump build a wall)


Uh oh! I hope the death squads don’t find this thread! :praying:

Let’s see, um…

Useless if you’re in that time zone! :slight_smile:


If the bidet is workin’, no sudden moves as your tablet inexplicably goes flying off your lap.

Corollary: sometimes you should wear a shower cap while doin’ toilet business.


But no wind!


Unless you’re on a Congo Airways plane, in which case it might still be raining inside.


@mad_masala may have a different opinion.


I wonder what happened for needing that notice…


HIIT (high intensity interval training) aerobic class should be taken before the hot tub and 3 beers not after the hot tub and 3 beers :weary::weary::weary:


You know the sun has risen when it is no longer dark outside


You know it’s cold when it snows on YMS


Apologies to Cat of the Day.


You it’s cold outside when all the Forumosans are yakking about the cold weather.


Reading threads about useless advice is a good way to waste time.


Chicken ass tastes good. Who would of thought?


[mod edit: this advice from another thread is about what to do if you lose your passport and ARC]

Get new ones.


If your cat meows at you at 630am , his food bowl is empty.


You know you have looser morals than Takeshi Kaneshiro when you try to sell immoral products through a non-immoral website.

(In reference to a certain Temp thread.)


you know if you are reading this…you have better things to do :), but you ain’t doing it


How much would the shipment be?